Would it be safe to opt for vaccines when you are pregnant?


Most women fail take stock of the fact that they are not up to date in terms of immunizations and end up causing a lot of harming to the developing baby. Pregnant women should discuss with their doctors about vaccines in early vaccine and which are the ones that they can keep off till the point a baby is born.

Would you consider all the vaccines to be safe during pregnancy?

Under the supervision of FDA all vaccines are tested from a safety point of view. For potency, safety and purity the vaccines are checked. The CDC and FDA go on to monitor each and every vaccine from a safety point of view and till the point of time they are in use.

Some women could be allergic to an ingredient of a vaccine. For examples eggs are there in an influenza vaccine and you should not opt for it till the point of time you are pregnant.

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The list of vaccines which can be provided during the tenure of pregnancy?

The following set of vaccines is considered to be safe for women to receive when they are pregnant.

  • Hepatitis B- this is one of the popular vaccines during pregnancy. Pregnant women are at a high risk of disease and if they have tested negative for this test they should be given this vaccine. Both the mother and even the baby are protected from infection before and after the birth. To obtain immunity a series of three doses are provided. For the 2nd and the 3rd dose it is provided after the 1st and 6th month of dose once you get the first dose.
  • Influenza- This appears to be in an inactivated state and is provided to the mothers during the second trimester of pregnancy. Irrespective of the fact of your pregnancy be it any trimester during the season of flu this vaccine is given. Just check out with your doctor if this goes on to apply for you.
  • Tdap- this is a vaccine that is recommended during pregnancy in particular reference to 27 and 36 weeks of gestation. This protects the baby from whooping cough. Better to administer it before the baby is born or otherwise you can even provide it once the baby is born.

In the midst of this there are some vaccines that cannot be administered when you are pregnant

  • Hepatitis A- till date the safety of the vaccine is not full proof so a pregnant women should not be administered during pregnancy. Women who are at a higher risk of exposure to this virus needs to discuss with their doctor.
  • MMR- as a lady you need to wait for a single month to become pregnant after you go on to receive the live virus vaccines. At an initial stage of the rubella test it shows you are not resistant to rubella then it is suggested that you opt for the vaccine after delivery

These are some of the vaccines you need to stop during pregnancy.

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