Would Fever Go on to Have an Effect on Your Baby During Pregnancy?


You could be pregnant and suffering from fever? It is going to a natural reaction that everything is ok with your baby. There is no need to panic with fever when pregnant as you need to take a deep breath. Medications are available reducing the impact of fever during pregnancy.  Now you need to outline the cause of fever during pregnancy. This could be a symptom of an underlying condition which could pose considerable harm to a developing baby.

How is fever going to have an impact on the baby?

If you are a woman who is expecting and your body temperature goes from 98.6 to fever, it points to a possibility of an infection. For this reason it is really important to opt for treatment straight away. A lot of research is still needed to know more about the fever and not the infection responsible for it. This goes on to increase the birth defects in case of human beings.

If you happen to be in the first trimester of pregnancy and have a fever greater than 102 degrees, the key is to seek treatment straight away. This is going to eradicate long term or short term complications for your baby.

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Could it point to food poisoning?

If you are suffering from fever food poisoning can be a culprit. The main reason for food poisoning is bacteria or virus leading to their formation. In such cases you might end up suffering from nausea, morning sickness or dehydration. All of them can pose a lot of complications during the tenure of pregnancy. At a certain point of time dehydration can pave way for high blood pressure which might become unstable and you are going to need hospitalization.

If you feeling that during fever in pregnancy you are suffering from food poisoning get in touch with your doctor.

What could be the situation if the fever fades away on its own?

The would be mothers might think they are fine after fever subsidizes, but a suggestion is to play it safe and get in touch with your doctor straight away.

Any sort of fever which you face during pregnancy is not normal and you need to get in touch with your doctor. The fever could be even caused by a viral illness and a suggestion is to get in touch with your doctor at the earliest. If the cause appears to be bacterial then an antibiotic is prescribed. Perhaps the most important piece of advice is that you should get in touch with your doctor for further treatment.

How to understand you are suffering from fever

For an adult if the temperature is more than 100 degree F you might be suffering from fever. This same policy applies when it is the case of rectal or ear temperature.

One of the best ways to avoid fever is to wash your hands on a regular basis as you can protect yourself from cold or flu which helps in preventing you from catching fever.

It is suggested that you should drink eight cups of water a day. Before even doing anything else in the morning drink 2 glasses of water. This should be undertaken along with your dinner or lunch every day. To ensure that you drink sufficient amount of water during the day carry a water bottle with you.

A few sips of water before you are heading to bed

After 6 hours of sleeping during the night the body is in a dehydrated zone. This can be prevented if you go on to reduce the levels of dehydration in your body and the impact it goes on to have. Before you are planning to go to bed drink a couple of glasses of water so as to stay dehydrated during the course of sleep. Though the levels of metabolism continue to reduce at night the body needs proper amount of water to function on a daily basis.

The cup of water that you drink before going to bed could flush out the toxins from your body accumulated during the course of the day. It also helps to cut down the waste that is accumulated during the process of digestion and even metabolism.

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