Why is Health and Safety Training Important in the Workplace?

The term “health and safety” gets thrown around a lot, but why is it so important in the workplace? This article will outline some of the key reasons why it is essential that every employee is provided with correct and adequate health and safety training. 
Some people feel like health and safety is all political correctness and is a big waste of time. This, however, couldn’t be further from the truth. The workplace can be a dangerous environment and it is imperative that everyone is equipped to deal with an emergency situation, or even to just keep themselves and others safe during their day to day duties. These are some of the main reasons why health and safety is vital. 
In Case of Emergencies 
There are all kinds of accidents that can befall someone at work. This is not only the case if you work with heavy machinery, dangerous chemicals, or something equally as hazardous. Everyone is potentially at risk. For instance, you could trip and fall down the stairs or cut yourself with a sharp object, or you could even suffer from a medical emergency, such as an allergic reaction. In case something like this does occur, it is crucial to have someone on hand who knows what to do. This is where first aid training is important. If other employees have been trained in first aid, they can help out until you can seek professional medical help. 
To Avoid Injury or Illness 
What is even better than having someone who can help in case there’s an accident, is avoiding these kinds of injuries or illnesses all together. If everyone is aware of any potential hazards, such as dangerous machinery or substances that could cause an illness, then they can try to avoid them. Proper health and safety training materials will make sure that all employees know how to do their very best to avoid injuring themselves or others. 
To Develop a Positive Attitude 
If a company is proactive in their health and safety practices and policies, then they will develop an overall positive attitude towards it in the workplace. The more that the importance of it is stressed, the more likely a place of work is to develop a culture of health and safety. This will mean all employees are extra sensitive to potential hazards and think all the time about whether they are being safe and whether there are any further safety measures they could be carrying out. 
You can see why health and safety is so important. Something as simple as knowing first aid could mean the difference between life or death for someone who has had an accident at work. It’s not just people being overly cautious, there are real threats in every place of work, be it a building site or an office block. There is no reason why every employee shouldn’t receive some form of health and safety training, no matter what their job is. 
Harriet Lea is an experienced writer who frequently pens articles on safety in the workplace for a variety of websites and print publications. She thinks that safety and first aid training is of the utmost importance for workers and that you should click here for more information.

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