Why Everything You Know About WEIGHT LOSS Is A Lie

Why Everything You Know About WEIGHT LOSS Is A Lie 

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Why Everything You Know About WEIGHT LOSS Is A Lie 

I have not seen such thing as one perfect Dieting 

Same as most people, Lossing weight is a tough battle to win and could even be tougher maintaining the weight, I use to think the reason why people don’t lose weight is simple. 

“Why don’t we just eat less and exercise more often?”The answer to this question surely lies somewhere in the result of the investigation conducted by the National Weight 

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ControlRegistry(NWCR) on successful weight loss over a long period of time and found out the habits of over 12,000 individuals who had gotten rid of a significant amount of weight .” I saw these folks on the scales and they were so excited about losing 25lb. In 7days”, they said. 

According to NWCR, 55% of their member who joins a weight loss program end up losing weight, On the contrary only 45 percent of these members report losing weight on their own, and however, it’s very important to proceed with caution in some of those programs, they know very well that a diet plan that works for you might not be the same that works for my neighbor at the next door. 

Before the epidemic of Obesity began in the 1930s dieting has always been American Preoccupation than today, I will

recommend using a dieting plan but you need to know exactly what food to eat, at what time to eat, what food to eat, How much food to eat. This helps you in maintaining a routine that has a great result in the end. 

Eating more than 3 times is not a problem as a matter of fact but before eating remember the weight loss journey and the dieting plan you’re in, Only you can discipline yourself, I made this decision of nothing eating much but doing more exercise, in the beginning, everything was moving good and fine even though I was like someone that have to imprison his own self, but you know after about one month I attended a friends party and immediately I arrived the table was overcrowded with all type of food at that moment I completely ignore the fact that I was in a weight loss journey and started eating everything I feel as to eat, One week down the way I surprisingly gain 15bl. The thing is that gaining weight is easy for some people than losing it and that’s the case with me. 

Everyone wants to look good, but to be able to maintain the same routine is not easy, that’s why you need to choose a diet plan which is suitable and comfortable for you and can resist it for a long time. For example, the Dukan diet weight loss was created to help to redesign the eating habits of members, so that their goal can be maintained on a permanent basis. 

Researchers at NWCR say, it’s unlikely that people are somehow genetically endowed with the personality that makes weight loss easy for them, but looking at it all, most people with a personality failed several times trying to loss weight on their own.

Losing weight and maintaining it is hard, and if someone tells you it’s an Easy thing run or proceeds with caution. An effective weight loss or gain management is almost not possible without real physical exercise. Research at NWCR has shown that more than 90 percent of members exercise in an average of 30 minutes every day and four days a week. 

That’s why most weight loss diet programs incorporate exercise into their plan for better results, even if yours didn’t but you lost some weight by choosing a diet plan program that doesn’t cover physical activity and following a strict regimen only, it will not lead to the best result, once you reach your targeted weight, you will have to keep going on creating an exercise routine to follow and be serious about it. 

Go in for exercises like running, joining a dancing or spin class, doing yoga, or more. One of the Dukan diet weight loss tips was that “To be followed in the final or permanent stabilization phase of a program is like to take the stair instead of an elevator and walk when whenever possible” If just taking the stairs would make you lighter just imagine how it will be if you run for 20 – 30 minute every day. 

Another key aspect is perhaps the unhealthy habits of sitting in front of the Tv for hours watching people progressing in their weight loss journey and not doing anything about yours. You can use that time to cook a fabulous meal for you and your family which will turn to be a great workout. Your body won’t like when

you’re not active and can result in an incredible weight gain even if you reduce eating as usual.

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