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Why E-Cigarettes Are Considered To Be A Wiser Option For Smokers


Every now and then, an invention comes along that defines an entire generation. First, there was the internet, and then came the cell phone. The electronic cigarette is one of the newest and hotly debated products on the market. Electronic cigarettes were invented for one obvious reason: to provide smokers with an alternative to the unhealthy, burning, ash producing and stench spreading tobacco cigarettes.

Many people love electronic cigarettes for their life changing qualities, but there are many more who are reluctant to jump ship. If you are still sitting on the fence on whether to continue smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes or switch to these digital smoking devices, the top ten reasons explained below can help you make up your mind.


1. Breaking a tradition

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Never has it been so easy, and thrilling, to break a tradition that has plagued the world. It is a tradition that has subjected – and continues to subject – millions to regret, humility, pain, and even death. Most people smoke cigarettes because it is a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. Once picked up, quitting the habit can be nigh impossible.

Luckily, the advent of electronic cigarettes has opened a new door for you. E-cigarettes offer an easy way to break away from the tradition by making it easy without suffering the well documented consequences or quitting the habit altogether.

2. Save your money

This is a significant advantage; electronic cigarettes can help you save hundreds and even thousands of dollars. The price of conventional cigarettes is always increasing, thanks to the nearly annual tax increases that tobacco products are subjected to. While the initial cost of purchasing an e-cig kit may put off many people, the overall cost calculations definitely works in your favor after factoring in the recurring cost of buying tobacco cigarettes.

To put this into perspective, the average price of a pack of traditional cigarettes is around $15. On the other hand, an e-cigarette cartridge, which is the equivalent of a full pack, costs around $5. This means that you will be saving $10 per pack!

3. Choose from a range of delicious scents and flavors

After investing in your first electronic cigarette kit, you can choose from a range of flavor options when it comes to refilling your cigarettes or replacing the cartridges. Apart from the regular tobacco flavors, you can purchase other exciting flavors such as vanilla, coffee, mint, strawberry blueberry, cherry menthol, among others. You will still enjoy the nicotine, but the flavors will definitely enhance your vaping experience.

4. Enjoy your vaping whenever, wherever.

Since electronic cigarettes are not tobacco products, they are not subject to the restrictions placed on traditional tobacco ones. This means that you can use the devices anywhere, even in public areas, including the street, mall, bus or train. Moreover, they do not burn; produce smoke or any offensive odor, making it completely safe and acceptable to vape without offending others or posing a fire risk.

5. Choose your own nicotine concentration

By making the switch to e-cigarettes, you will be putting yourself in the enviable position of receiving your desired nicotine delivery, but without the over 4000 other harmful chemicals that are responsible for a host of respiratory problems and cancer, among other harmful effects. Electronic cigarette vendors allow you to order the e-liquid with your preferred nicotine concentration, ranging from 0 mg to 24 mg. this leaves you with the power to gradually wean yourself of nicotine dependency by decreasing your nicotine intake over a period of time- at your own convenience.

6. Choose your unique style

Many people are intrigued by the fact that electronic cigarettes come in a variety of unique styles, designs colors and textures. This means that you can have fun choosing an e-cig style that suites your style and personality. Moreover, e-cig makers are always pushing the limits of innovation by introducing new and interesting products to the market. That e-cigarette that doubles up as a phone charger could be just what you are looking for!

7. No more yellow teeth

Everyone wishes that their teeth were a little whiter, and that it was easier to keep them looking this way. However, burning tobacco produces tar and a host of other chemicals that can stain your teeth and even your finder if you are a heavy smoker. So if you are sick of having discolored teeth, switching to electronic cigarettes, which do not produce tar or the cocktail of chemicals associated with burning tobacco is an easy way to keep your smile bright. Healthier teeth will help you look younger, healthier, and ultimately, more attractive.

8. No ash – No mess to clean up

While traditional cigarettes release nicotine by burning, e-cigarettes operate without reaching temperatures that warrant combustion. Besides, no solids are involved as the nicotine is supplied in the form of an e-liquid, and it is released by a mechanism that doesn’t leave any remnants in the form of ash. You can now smoke quite comfortably from your bed!

9. No tobacco smell on your breath

Who would want to kiss an ashtray?

This statement sums it all up. Few people, even smokers, like the smell of tobacco on one’s breath, so switching to electronic cigarettes is definitely a no brainer since the nicotine vapor does not lead to a foul smelling breath. Furthermore, you will also be eliminating the cigarette odors that would otherwise get in you house, car or hair that’s to the odorless vapor produced by electronic cigarettes.

10. Just like smoking regular cigarettes

E-cig makers go to great lengths to replicate the sensation of smoking tradition tobacco cigarettes. This can be in the form of the e-cigarette’s design, color, texture and size dimension. Apart from the cosmetic features, each “puff” is designed to deliver a cloud of nicotine vapor (not smoke) that registers a realistic hit to your throat when you vape. You really experience the joy of smoking a regular cigarette but without exposing yourself to the numerous health risks that tobacco cigarettes pose.

Electronic cigarettes are extremely easy to use, you no loner have o walk around with a lighter of a box of matches, just flick a switch and start enjoying. They are also supplied with a host of accessories to make it easier for you to use it, and the refilling process is fairly straightforward. So what are you waiting for? There are zero reasons to continue smoking tobacco and dozens of reasons to switch to electronic cigarettes.

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