5 reasons to use Whey protein


A popular supplement among fitness enthusiasts, whey isolates have a number of different uses. The 5 most popular reasons for including them as part of a regular diet are listed below.

1. To increase lean muscle mass

Whey protein

This is undoubtedly the most popular reason that people take such supplements, especially among serious bodybuilders and those who just want to achieve that shredded look. Studies have shown that when compared to a group taking placebos, men who were given whey protein in their diet made significantly greater muscle gains without accumulating any more fat. If you are following a fitness regime that is intended to increase muscle mass and it is not having the desired effect, there is a good chance that you need to increase your intake of such nutrients.

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2. To lose weight

People that would like to lose weight, or more specifically fat, can use this type of supplement as a snack in between meals. There have been controlled studies that have confirmed the beneficial effect this has on weight loss over a period of time, so the answer to fighting the flab may not lie purely in creating a calorie deficit. If you have felt deprived and angry when dieting in the past, due to hunger pangs getting the better of you, you can try some shakes or bars in between meals the next time that you decide to have a go at shedding some excess pounds.

3. To save money

Whilst it is true that it is possible to provide your body with enough nutrients from food alone, this can be a rather expensive undertaking for those in serious training. Rather than spending money on huge quantities of chicken, seafood and lean beef, you can achieve the same results with inexpensive supplements. The problem with most food sources of protein is that unless you pay a premium for organic produce, you may be ingesting potentially harmful chemicals and hormones along with the nutrients that you require.

4. To get competition ready

For those that are preparing to participate in a bodybuilding competition, a low carb, high protein diet can be particularly effective during the cutting stage: the last week or two before the day of the competition when you are trying to lose as much body fat as quickly as possible. However, if you find it difficult to function effectively on a very low carb diet, it may be necessary to add some natural sources of carbohydrates such as rice and pasta to stave off any feelings of weakness that you experience. Most bodybuilders know themselves better than anybody else does, so this is usually a personal call.

5. To prevent muscle loss

When on a calorie controlled diet, it is easy to lose muscle as well as fat unless you provide your body with enough nutrients to maintain your lean mass. Taking a supplement that contains whey isolates is an excellent way to avoid muscle wastage at such times and can help you to preserve the hard won gains that you have made over the previous months and years. To encourage fat loss whilst retaining muscle can be a delicate balancing act so you may need to adjust your intake at first until you find the right level.

As you can see, whey isolates and blends are not just for bodybuilding enthusiasts that want to get as big as possible. They have a number of uses that make them suitable for people with a variety of fitness goals so whatever it is that you are trying to achieve, it is worth taking a closer look at these supplements.

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