Weight loss-11 Reasons Your Belly Isn’t Moving Like A Belly Dancer Still!


Originally posted on February 14, 2021 @ 8:17 am

Reasons Your Belly Isn’t Moving

Are you tired of eating diet food and working out but your belly is still of the same size? Are you doing enough? Well, belly fat is a problem women have to live with. A little amount is good for protecting stomach, intestine and other organs, but one that causes bulges around that area are liked by one. Not only it looks bad, it isn’t good from health point of view. Fat cells produce adipose hormones and adipokines which are responsible for causing heart problems and diabetes. So, is it that you are doing something wrong? May be.

Read the reasons below, you may stumble upon your answer here:

You Are Avoiding Fats
While trying to reduce belly you don’t have to chuck out all the items containing fats from your kitchen closet. Fats still hold importance in your diet, but the kind of fats you are consuming is important. Eat good fats, this includes MUFA (mono-saturated fats). People either eat no fats or consume bad fats PUFA. The latter can do more harm than good.

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You Are Having More Carbs In Your Diet
Weight loss

Again carbohydrates are not bad. But gorging on chips and sweets every now and then can lead to a rise in blood sugar. This in turn increases insulin levels in the body. Insulin promotes storage of fats by the liver in the middle area of the body.

One of the chief minerals needed by the body is magnesium. It is responsible for nearly 300 functions in the body. A study has confirmed that people who consume adequate amounts of magnesium have low insulin and blood sugar level in their body. Generally, an adult women needs 310 -320 milligrams of magnesium every day.

Hate To Squat On A Yoga Mat
There are a lot of women who do not like to do any yoga asanas even though a large number of studies have proved the benefits of yoga in life. Women going through menopause go through hormonal changes. This makes it difficult to lose stomach fat. Yoga can help them overcome the problem.

Your Food Is Lacking Colors
A variety of fruits and veggies provide antioxidants to the body. These are not only nutritious and healthy but numerous researches have backed the positive benefits of red, yellow and orange colored foods in reducing the waistline. Their addition can subtract the belly fat.

You Are ‘Just’ Moving
You are exercising your body but it doesn’t qualify any more than movement. If your exercise is not effective, there is no point doing it. Moving on the treadmill won’t reduce your belly. The stubborn fat cells around the belly can only be reduced with workout that targets them aggressively and not tangibly. Well nothing is going to help you if you are not sweating enough. you have to make sure that your heart beat is rising high. High intensity exercises lower insulin, cortisol and tryglycerides and burn more calories in short duration of time.

You Are Depressed!
Women who are depressed store more fats in their bodies than women who are not. This is due to the poor eating habits and lack of physical activities during this phase that leads to storage of fats in the body.

You Are Not Sleeping Enough
Sleep helps reduce stress and this eventually helps to reduce fat. When your body is resting, body makes use of that fat stored in the body as a source of fuel. Sleeping less can make you lose this wonderful opportunity of loosing fats.

Caffeine Craving
Caffeine is known for boosting cortisol production. If it is the first thing that your body needs in the morning, then it implies that you are not getting enough sleep and this is forcing you crave for a stimulant. While this stimulant may get you started for the day, but it certainly won’t help you beat the flab around your tummy. It cannot substitute the benefits of a good night’s sleep.

You Aren’t Serious About Detoxification
The toxin build up in the body is also one of the reasons that your belly isn’t moving like a belly dancer. Do you know the reason? First off, your environment is too polluted and is full of toxins. Your lungs are constantly taking them in. Apart from this there are plenty of internally generated toxins which impede weight loss from the belly. These include debris and lactic acid. By not drinking enough water we are storing toxins in our kidneys. By not consuming enough fiber (it should be at least 20% of our food), we accumulate toxins in our digestive system. These must be removed because they house fat cells.

Not keeping Skin Clean And Hygienic
When we do not maintain proper hygiene of the largest organ of our body, we add toxins to our body. If there is no availability of water and antibacterial hand wash, use antibacterial or natural body wipes that works best in such situations. The toxins head straight to your stomach and stay there until removed.
Now that you know the reasons for your efforts not paying off, please pay attention to the above to get a belly like a belly dancer.

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Evie Dawson is a fitness coach and health writer based in Boston, MA. Her passion is to encourage others to rediscover their lifestyle and get inspired for organic living.

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