Why Scientists fear that monkeypox could spread to wild animals

An Italian Greyhounds France The first dog to be reported to have contracted monkeypox was this dog.

Stephanie Seifert When she heard that monkeypox had been caught from a human

she felt an anxiety surge. “I have dogs.

So I was, like, ‘Well, that’s awful,

But SeifertViral ecologist at Washington State University In Pullman Who studies the virus’s ability to jump between species and understands the significance of the case.

In Since the infected monkeypox cases began to rise, it has been months MayHer colleagues

she waited for reports from people about animals getting the virus.

The The first reported case of human-to dog transmission was in August.

The Italian Greyhounds France Had slept in the same room as a couple with symptoms

the viral DNA of the dog was identical to that of one of its owners.

The Same month Brazil’s health ministry announced the case of a puppy catching the virus from a person.