Best Laser Treatment Practices For types of Acne Scars



Acne laser skin treatments are many these days and all work on lots of skin related problems, so for many people who may want to get rid of their types of acne scars, here are some few guidelines plus best pimple laser treatments that can help you come up with the smoother, healthy-skinned complexion you once had. When it comes to what is the best acne scarring treatment, it would unequivocally be the CO2 laser. This is basically because the best results are typically obtained with the depth of injury and the extent of the thermal injury of the treatment. With the CO2 laser, a great degree of thermal damage is created and this produces the most fascinating results when it comes to eliminating pimple blemished and/or wrinkles plus line effacement. However, with every benefit comes a flaw, CO2 laser pimple treatments produce extended downtime, prolonged redness and eventual loss of pigmentation.

 types of Acne Scars After this comes a more old-fashioned but tried and true treatment for pimple blemishes. Dermbrasion, as opposed to microdermabrasion is an older method which uses a rotating diamond tipped wheel to remove the epidermis and portion of the dermis. The extent of the injury to be corrected is determined by the depth of injury created, which is gauged by the Surgeon’s eye and experience. A depth of injury comparable to CO2 laser treatment is possible with Dermabrasion. However, several factors make Physicians less comfortable with Dermabrasion than they perhaps ought to be. It is a very technically dependent treatment. There are a wide availability of a variety of lasers which produce a fairly uniform depth of injury based on the individual laser and laser settings.


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The downfall with pimple blemishing using Dermabrasion is caused by topographical irregularities, catching the shadow and light. Its benefits are that the scars can be selectively planned down to be less visible or noticeable. It is more advantageous than a CO2 acne laser treatment since it does not produce thermal injury likethe latter, far less chance of loss of pigmentation, and a much smaller window of erythema. (redness of the face) Due to these benefits, many dermatologists incorporate Dermabrasion regularly into their practice of acne scarring and scar revision.


When it comes to pimple elimination and scarring, rather than trying to figure out what is the best laser for blemished, it would be better to think about whether you want a treatment that requires downtime for wound care and healing or whether you would rather have a series of treatments that don’t require significant healing time. It is important to be able to offer options and to understand the pros and cons of different approaches. Some favorites are the Fraxel Re:Pair and the Fraxel Re:Store lasers. However Actve Fx ,Deep Fx, V-Beam, pulsed erbium, pulsed CO2, Alexandrite and Ruby lasers as well as various fillers and punch excisions can also be used. It is also important to speak with an expert near your area for better clarification on the same.


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