Tricks to How to gain weight easily

Tricks to How to gain weight easily

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Originally posted on December 14, 2020 @ 10:39 am

Tricks to How to gain weight easily

Everybody out there wants to lose weight, but then we forget of those who are among us and want to gain weight. Being skinny is also a problem to people just like being obese is one. Underweight means that your body mass index, that is, BMI, is less than 18.5. Research shows that women are affected than men when it comes to being underweight. Underweight is caused by many things, one of them being diseases. Giving examples, Type 1 diabetes leads to weight loss, infections like tuberculosis and HIV also lead to weight loss. Some people lose weight because of poor feeding habits, others lose their appetites and don’t seek medical attention which also leads to weight loss.

Foods to help you gain weight.

Here are some ways on how you can easily add weight. Don’t forget that sometimes adding weight is as hard as trying to lose it. Eating is the only guaranteed way to add weight. The important thing to note and take caution is on the foods that you consume.

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  • Milk- Make sure that you consume a glass of milk daily if you want to add weight. Milk shakes also contain high calories and help in adding weight.

  • Nuts- These include oats, almonds, ground nuts, macadamia nuts and also cashew nuts. Regular consumption of nuts causes weight gain and they are healthy snacks.

  • Avocadoes- Everybody knows about avocadoes and their health benefits, up to and included is gaining weight. They are rich in fats and have high calories; they can also be served with any food as an accompaniment.

  • Whole grain- Whole grains contain carbohydrates and they help in adding weight. We need to be careful when purchasing bread and ick the whole grain ones. They are very nutritious especially when served with a protein like egg.

Tricks to How to gain weight easily

  • Eggs- Taking eggs for breakfast will make your day bright full of energy and also add you some weight. They are healthy fats to consume and most of their nutrients are contained in the egg yolk.

  • Starchy foods- Potatoes, oats, corn, squash and sweet potatoes add calories and help in gaining weight.

  • Fish- Salmon and sea foods are healthy sources of protein and fats. They provide proteins that help in building muscles.

At times, we try to consume foods that will enable us to add weight but they seem not to help because we don’t have the appetite to. In such situations we should consume a lot of fruits because they are appetizers. You also need to visit a doctor in situations where you completely don’t have an appetite. This is because the doctor may issue you with supplements and drugs to increase your appetite. The foods listed above are high in calories and play a big role in muscle gain, thus weight gain. 

The only way to achieve your dream of gaining weight is by, eating a lot of food and also avoiding drinking water before meals. What happens when you drink water before meals is that your stomach space is occupied by the water and leaves a small space for food. To add on to these, you need to research and find out the reasons that lead to weight loss in order to avoid them.

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