Things You Must Do Before You Have Your Acupuncture

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Having an acupuncture is not as easy as 1-2-3. Make sure you’re up for the procedure before letting yourself experience it.

Organize how things should go before you have your acupuncture. Make sure you tick these tasks off your checklist before you drop by your nearest Chinese medical centre.

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Be Logical When Scheduling Your Appointment

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Be logical when it comes to scheduling your acupuncture appointment at a TCM clinic in Singapore. Don’t schedule an acupuncture session if you feel excessively tired, stressed or burned out. Remember, acupuncture involves some kind of pain, one way or another. The last thing you’ll want to happen is to aggravate the painful sensations even more when you have your acupuncture.

As much as possible, don’t schedule your acupuncture between two appointments within the day. All it will do is make you feel rushed before, during or after your acupuncture. Having your acupuncture means you need to feel relaxed or well rested throughout the session.

Avoid setting up last minute acupuncture appointments, too. The chances that you’ll get the schedules you desire is minimal if you call the clinic at the last minute to schedule appointments. Set your appointments with the TCM clinic at least a week before your desired schedules. This will give your acupuncturist ample amount of time to accommodate you without long waiting time in between.

Eat the Right Foods, in Right Amounts
Before having your acupuncture, eat the right foods in right amounts. Never eat too little nor too full a few hours before your acupuncture. Eating too little or too much before you have an acupuncture at a clinic for TCM in Singapore will only make you feel sick. Consequently, you’ll only feel uncomfortable when you do have your acupuncture after a few hours.
Eat the right combination of foods before you have your acupuncture. For instance, don’t eat spicy and sweet foods at the same time. These foods don’t go together when eaten and may likely cause you to throw up. Intake of light meals that consist of oatmeal and a glass of water a few hours before your scheduled appointment does a lot of good in easing your digestive system.

Coffee before Acupuncture is Not Advisable
Drinking coffee at least two hours before your acupuncture is not advisable. Coffee contains caffeine that overstimulates your body and mind. Get the best out of your TCM experiences. Acupuncture is supposed to relax and soothe you, and not make you feel overactive.

Alcohol is Off Limits
Alcohol intake is off limits all the more right before acupuncture. Alcohol intake destroys your ability to function both physically and mentally. Physical and mental inability to function will not let you absorb the healthful benefits accompanying acupuncture services.

Mention Your Medical History
List down your medical conditions and other similar information if it’ll help you remember them. Mention your medical history to acupuncturists before you avail of their services. You may think that you don’t need to mention your past and present medical conditions and medications. However, what you don’t realize is that neglecting to mention such information may pose detriments to the acupuncture procedure itself.

Loose Clothing Only
Avoid setbacks when you drop by a TCM clinic to have your acupuncture. Wear only loose clothing before you show up for your acupuncture appointment. This makes it easy for your acupuncturist to inject needles on your body parts.

Make yourself feel at home even while you’re having your acupuncture. If it makes you feel more comfortable, wear pajamas or sleep wear while the procedure is underway.

Give Yourself Extra Time to Relax
Give yourself extra time to relax before you have your acupuncture. Arrive at the clinic at least 15 minutes earlier before your scheduled appointment. The main objective in having your acupuncture is to relax and relieve you, both physically and mentally. Therefore, it’s not going to help if you’re stressed out while having your acupuncture.

15 minutes is an ample amount of time to rejuvenate yourself before your session. Use the extra time to connect with the meditative environment that’ll surround you inside the acupuncture clinic before the procedure gets underway.

Cellphones Should Be Turned Off
Turn off your cell phones before your acupuncture session. Don’t turn your phones into vibrate mode. You need to avoid all of the distractions surrounding you while you’re having your sessions with your acupuncturist. Make sure you turn off your cell phone before, and not after your session to avoid last minute concerns when you’re about to start your session.

Make sure to follow the guidelines stated above to experience acupuncture at its best. Partner with TCM towards achieving sound goals for your body and mind. Remember, a positive overall well-being motivates you to constantly improve. Determination is the key to getting the best health you need to keep you going every day.

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