Tourist destinations in Australia cannot be missed

Tourist destinations in Australia cannot be missed


Tourist destinations in Australia cannot be missed


Australian tourist destinations are famous for their unspoiled nature, diverse terrain from deserts to islands. Each city in this country has its own beauty, it is not easy to mix. If you have the opportunity to travel to Australia, do not forget to experience beautiful places like this paradise.

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  1. Sydney – a very hot Australian tourist destination

The beautiful city of Sydney is the first Australian tourist attraction that we would like to recommend. Sydney is famous for its seashore-shaped opera house with its beauty and unique design, and the Sydney Harbor Bridge shimmering at night. Sydney is a modern city with many magnificent high-rise buildings that cannot be found anywhere in Vietnam. Moreover, in Sydney, there is also a zoo with many rare animals, especially the lovely Koala. When you come to this park, you will be free to touch this animal or kiss it without fear of danger.

  1. Palm Cove Beach – top 10,000 most beautiful beaches in the world

It’s a pity if you do not visit in Australia, Palm Cove Beach is among 10,000 beaches in Australia with the enchanting beauty of smooth, flat sand, the clear blue sea should be considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Australia. Australia. The waves here are not too strong, so children can enjoy swimming. Along the coast of Palm Cove, there are rows of green coconut shading, making the scenery of the beach more romantic. If the sun is too hot, after bathing, you can rest right under these coconut trees.

  1. Great Barrier Reef – the third must-visit attraction

The Great Barrier Reef, located off the coast of Queensland, is where you can freely explore the reef with thousands of corals and many other colorful fishes. In addition to swimming at the beaches on the Great Barrier Reef, diving to see the coral is an entertainment activity not to be missed when coming here. The separate from Palm Inlet Shoreline to the Awesome Boundary Reef isn’t far, so you’ll be the ability to combine these two beach cities in Australia together.

  1. Melbourne – the fourth point in your itinerary

The next interesting place to visit in Australia for you to visit is the city of Melbourne in the top most livable cities in the world. Coming to this beautiful city, you will experience entertainment activities such as city yachting, hot air balloon excursions, swimming, swimming, participating in festivals, skiing in season. frozen. With a system of luxury shopping malls and restaurants, you can enjoy delicious dishes made by famous chefs or shop for branded goods. If you do not know where to go when traveling to Australia, the city of Melbourne is a worthy place for you to visit.

  1. Nambung National Park

Nambung National Park is also an attractive place to play when traveling to Australia for you to visit. This park is famous for its unspoiled golden sand desert and large rocks lying alone in the desert. Located on the western side of mainland Australia, Nambung National Park also has unique animals born inside the desert so if you are lucky, you can see them. Note before going you should prepare plenty of water to store if you want to stay for a long time because the temperature in the desert is hot and dry, so it will be easy to thirst.

  1. New Zealand- Australian tourist destination with the splendid beauty

Tourist destinations in Australia cannot be missed

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New Zealand is a beautiful and impressive land for any visitor coming here. In large New Zealand you can participate in many leisure travel activities because the climate here is mild, beautiful, and attractive. There are many famous tourist destinations in Australia such as beautiful islands such as Hot Water Beach, Abel Tasman National Park, Sky Tower, Kaikoura, the unique glacier Fox Glacier … are special points in New Zealand land. brings a sense of adventure to any visitor. Do not miss this one of Australia’s most famous destinations.

  1. Capital, Canberra – Australia’s most popular tourist destination

Canberra is the capital of Australia is also the most attractive tourist attraction in Australia, with many interesting exhibitions and museums. The great works here you should visit such as the Australian War Memorial, the Australian National Museum, the Australian National Botanic Gardens, the Parliament House of Australia parliament building, and many attractions other famous Australians.

  1. Adelaide – A famous Australian tourist destination – home to a world of fine wines

Do you know where the wine world is located? Wine is the preferred drink in most Western countries, with long-standing, well-known wines such as French wine, Russian wine, Italian wine, but the wine capital lies entirely. in beautiful Australia on the famous Adelaide land. Not only that, but this famous Australian tourist spot also owns many beautiful tourist cafes. Come here to enjoy great drinks and visit the old town of Glenelg, the hill clusters of Adelaide Hills – Montefiore Hill, Port Adelaide Port, the giant National Park Belair National Park you will feel your trip is perfect and worth it.

  1. Brisbane – The most peaceful city in Australia

Can not help but mention the most peaceful city in Australia, the city of Brisbane. This city is mentioned a lot in your Australian adventure, where you can watch the Kangaroo pandas and kangaroos. There are many hot tourist spots here that attract tourists to visit such as the Alma Park Zoo. Brisbane city is extremely quiet and peaceful, the life here gives you a sense of relaxation, this is a city that is worth stopping to visit and enjoy.

  1. Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park is a vast expanse of land with majestic natural beauty and an extremely rich culture. Visitors come to Kakadu to participate in surveys on wetlands in search of crocodiles and to take the best pictures of 275 species of birds or to admire the earth’s rock art, Australian people. It is home to 68 species of mammals, more than 75 species of reptiles, and more than 10,000 species of insects. Generations of Australian Aboriginal people have lived and protected this land for more than ten thousand years. Aboriginal Australian’s strong spiritual connection to this land is reflected in Kakadu’s list of World Heritage Sites.

  1. Uluru (Ayers Rock), NT

Uluru is a giant rock formed in the Kata Tjutu National Park. The rock belongs to the Anangu people and is a unique symbol of Aboriginal Australia. But travel is only part of it, this is a wonderful experience you cannot miss.

  1. Tasmania

This heart-shaped island isolated from mainland Australia will make you want to go home. The state of Tasmania is an interesting Australian tourist destination in a unique, rustic but no less strange way with rich agricultural land, rich cultural history, and wildlife with many nature reserves. course.

Tasmania has up to 40% of the area including protected areas, national parks, and the natural heritage of the world. This also partly confirms Tasmania’s special attraction for its rich natural resources and is an interesting, rustic but no less strange tourist destination.

  1. Broome, WA

Broome is located in the northwestern part of Australia. This is a small and calm coastal city, with not many noisy activities except a few small bars during the day. Temperatures and humidity are sometimes overwhelming, and the phrase “Broome summer” is frequently used to describe the city’s hot, slow pace of life.

This city was founded in the 1880s, with the meaning of a pearl city, named after the governor at that time. The pearl mining industry flourished with the rapid increase in numbers of Japanese workers – the 900 graves in the Japanese cemetery at Broome are a testament to that. Today the pearl industry has turned to pearl culture, and it would be interesting to spend some time on a few tours of pearl farms across the city.

  1. Discover Kimberley

Australia’s Kimberley region is best known for its impressive natural landmarks such as the beehive Spiers in the Bungle Bungle, vast Lake Argyle, the Ord River, and steep waterfalls in the Mitchell Plains.

Kimberley is a land with many farms that raise poultry and cattle, so most visitors coming here want to experience the life of cowboys riding on the grasslands. Every year from April to the end of October, there are regular “horse-chasing” competitions in Kimberley. The player has the task of riding a horse to chase the nearby cows and separating them into groups according to the requirements of the organizers. Beautiful Australian tourist destination.

  1. Barossa Valley – Australian Tourism

The Barossa Valley is a rich, temperate climate, very suitable for agricultural development, is also a wine production region, and is the most attractive tourist area of ​​South Australia. The name of the valley was named by Colonel Willam Light in 1937. This place is not only known as the wine paradise of beautiful Australia but also a region that also retains its elegant and ancient beauty. Visiting some historical places, enjoying the typical dishes of the region, you will feel fully the wild as the original capital was.

  1. Torres Strait Islands group of islands

Torres Strait Islands group of islands is a prominent place when traveling to Australia, here brings together many groups of islands north of Australia. The islands here are surrounded by the blue sea to form a strip of pearls, each of which is a jewel in that precious necklace. The tropical environment and indigenous culture will give you a unique experience on this sparkling land.

  1. The Port City of Albany – A very important Australian destination

One of the famous beautiful Australian tourist destinations we would like to introduce to you is the port city located in Albany, the southwest city of Australia with a hot and humid Mediterranean climate. Tourist attractions here are mainly beautiful, fresh beaches such as Emu Point Beach, Middleton Beach, Albany Wind Farm. Here you can enjoy and live in a peaceful and cool atmosphere of the beautiful coastal city of Australia.


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