Top Healthy Benefits of Growing Your Own Food

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Top Healthy Benefits of Growing Your Own Food

In today’s world, it’s very easy to come by with food. After all, you have so many supermarkets and farmer’s markets available that you don’t even have to think about anything more than a shopping trip to supply your family for a week or two. That being said, you have to be aware that you’re not the only one. Food demand is high, and the industry strives to fulfil the consumers’ ever-growing needs. This needs to be done fast and all year round, meaning that food is full of chemicals which make it grow faster and look perfect. The chemicals also make it less healthy and do your body more harm than good. To avoid this poison, it’s best to take care of yourself and grow your own food. Here’s why.

Top Healthy Benefits of Growing Your Own Food

It introduces more variety

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Varieties of fruits and vegetables exist, but we don’t get to choose them when we’re shopping at the supermarket. What they offer is what you get. Not many people think about it, but varieties are very important because they can introduce you to a whole new world. When growing your own food, you can try different varieties and discover which one you like most. This can help you get your kids to eat more veggies, for example.

More importantly, though, you’ll get to choose the varieties which grow better in your area. The food will grow more naturally, and you’ll never have to worry about empty crops. What’s more, it’ll be healthier because it will be growing in its own environment.

It’s free of chemicals

As was mentioned before, store-bought food is often full of chemicals. After all, how do you get an apple so perfectly red and plump other than with a few enhancements? The chemicals affect the taste and healthy nutrients food has, though. Once you start growing your own food, you’ll notice how tastier it actually is. Nothing beats trying your tomatoes for the first time and realizing how richer the taste suddenly is.

What’s more, you’ll also realize how healthier the food you’re eating now is. No pesticides or any other chemicals in your food means that the vitamins are all there. Instead of buying organic food, you’ll be growing it right in your backyard, while saving money in the process.

It’s better for the environment

Not only is gardening healthy for you, but it’s also very beneficial for the environment. This is because, when growing your own food, you’re reducing organic waste. Believe it or not, organic waste is the second highest component in the landfills. Fruits and veggies often expire before they’re bought in the market and need to be disposed of, or people themselves just throw them away when they can’t finish them.

This won’t be an issue in your garden because you’ll be able to grow exactly how much you need. No food will go to waste as you’ve put in a great amount of effort in growing it. On the off chance, you do have leftover waste, you can always compost it. This way, there’s nothing to add to the landfills and you’re helping clean the Earth.

It’s safer

When shopping in the supermarket, you can only guess where your food came from. You also have no idea how long it travelled to the stalls, or where it’s been on its journey from point A to the market. Simply put, you have no idea what you’re eating and how healthy it actually is. After all, how many times did we hear about a food-related illness on the news?

Growing your own food eliminates all potential risks. You know exactly what’s in your backyard, where the plants are growing, and what’s in the soil. This means you can safely consume anything that’s in your garden without worrying harm will come from it. In turn, you’re more relaxed and healthier.

It helps you stay active

Gardening is actually a great way of improving your physical health. Most people don’t have time or interest in any kind of exercise. Even though you may not notice it, this can take a toll on your body. After all, we deal with stress daily and it builds up in our muscles, often making us tense and grumpy.

With gardening, you need to move around a lot. Carrying materials, planting, tending to the garden- it all requires for you to break a sweat. This keeps you active and helps your body get rid of the stress in a healthy way. Of course, you need to be careful in the garden as a lot of accidents can happen during manual labour. Make sure to have proper equipment with you. Getting yourself a pair of comfortable high-grade leather gloves, a swanky vest, and some rubber rain boots is an absolute must.

It regulates your immune system

One thing most people seem to forget about is how good gardening can be for your immune system. One of the main problems a person of today’s age has is the lack of vitamin D. This is because we don’t spend time outside nearly as much as we should. While gardening, you’ll be soaking up the sun, making you healthier and your skin more radiant. Of course, you should wear some sunscreen, but don’t avoid the sun.

What’s more, there are a lot of healthy bacteria living in the soil. Some are good for your digestive system and others help regulate your immune system. You’ll ingest them through the food you grow, but will also be directly exposed while gardening.


As you can see, growing your own fruits and veggies has many benefits. The most important one is that you know exactly what’s in your food and what you’re eating. Let’s not forget the process can help you stay fit and healthy, too. Growing your own food means putting yourself first and taking care of your well-being. The process might seem tough in the beginning but soon you’ll notice how much it improved your life and that you actually enjoy it.


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