Top 50 Cannabidiol (CBD) Blogs & Websites to Follow in 2020


Originally posted on February 15, 2021 @ 8:58 pm

Top 50 Cannabidiol (CBD) Blogs & Websites to Follow in 2020


As cannabidiol (CBD) continues to garner mainstream support for its medical and therapeutic benefits, you might find it helpful to do your research. There are various resourceful blogs, forum and websites available to educate and inspire readers. These blogs use search engine analytics, social metrics and real medical lab studies to deliver accurate, high-quality information to their audience. Most experts credit CBD for the medicinal properties of cannabis. As such, learning more about this essential cannabinoid is recommendable for anyone who seeks fitness, good health and wellness. Here is a brief overview of the top 50 CBD blogs and websites you should follow in 2020: 


  • CBD School


This is among the best blogs if you want to learn the benefits of CBD. They have numerous articles and videos about the compound and post once a week.


  • CBD Hacker


This blog is dedicated to testing and reviewing available CBD products on the market. They post twice a week, providing accurate, evidence-based information to help you know what you are taking. An alternative to it is Weedmart, which will provide you the best info on Weed Edibles.


  • High Supplies


High Supplies is a reputable long-serving retailer of high-quality cannabis seeds. Their website offers insights into various topics ranging from how to make cannabis oil to exploring different strains and seed reviews.


  • Green Roads


As the leading CBD manufacturer, with over 5,000 retail stores and a million online customers, the Green Roads blog offers essential up to date information about the CBD industry. If you are looking for a resourceful site that also sells CBD, it is among the few reliable options.


  • CBD Origin


This blog has a mission to improve health, lifestyle and wellness among their audiences. They stimulate awareness and provide helpful information for the understanding of CBD and its medical benefits. 


  • Honest CBD Reviews


With a simple mission, Honest CBD Reviews dedicates itself to offering the latest information about CBD. They also provide insightful reviews of the best CBD products. 


  • Healthy Hemp Oil


This blog offers a precious resource for information about CBD and its products. Their goal is to review all the clatter of data and identify those that are most accurate and helpful.


  • Crowned Hemp


Crowned Hemp posts four times a week, providing cannabis-related articles that cover essential topics such as the endocannabinoid system (ECS). It can increase your understanding of cannabis.


  • CBD Testers

Top 50 Cannabidiol (CBD) Blogs & Websites to Follow in 2020


This blog aims to empower those who want accurate, reliable information about CBD as a solution for specific medical conditions.


  • Get Kush


Get Kush offers a wide variety of high-quality CBD ingestible products allowing you to THC Gummies online with ease. They also provide helpful information about CBD and the differences between vaping, dabbing and edible products.




This blog offers the most recent news and reviews about cannabis and THC oil cartridges. It is ideal for vapers who use cannabis oil cartridges. 


  • CBD Education Online


As the cannabidiol revolution gets stronger, CBD Education Online focuses on providing the latest and greatest knowledge about the compound. They post four times a month and also offer CBD research. 


  • Cannabis School


With posts twice a day, the Cannabis School offers an excellent resource for learning more about CBD. Their accurate, helpful and research-backed posts cover everyone from experts to beginners. 


  • The CBD Insider


If you want to stay updated about CBD, products, research and more, The CBD Insider posts twice a week covering everything you need to know. 


  • CBD Shopy


As the leading independent CBD oil and product marketplace, CBD Shopy’s blog can fast-track your understanding of the compound. They provide high-quality products and post three times a month.


  • Anavii Market Blog


As a trusted online retail site, Anavii Market Blog allows you to find, contrast and compare premium CBD oil. After each week, they post a single article highlighting the most excellent CBD oil.


  • Nature’s Ultra


Nature’s Ultra is an undeniable resource for finding competent, all-natural and innovative CBD infused products. They provide insights on healthy living and post five articles every month. 


  • Green Wellness Life


This blog offers cutting edge health products and research-backed CBD information. Green Wellness Life highly regards environmental sustainability and posts an article every week.


  • Cannabis Seeds Store


CBD enthusiasts or anyone else can enjoy the best experience while online shopping at the Cannabis Seeds Store. The blog offers up to date information and news about CBD.


  • CBD International Blog


This site provides CBD oil for cancer treatment all around the globe. You can visit CBD International to acquire premium, secure and affordable CBD oil or read their original CBD articles.


  • Vitagenne Blog


Vitagenne Blog is among the few blogs with the U.S Hemp Authority certification. They provide hemp-derived CBD wellness products as well as educative insights regarding hemp, mindfulness and wellness.


  • CBD Warhouse


Comprising a team of aspiring professionals, CBD Warhouse presents helpful information regarding CBD use in cancer treatment. The UK based blog posts five articles every three months. 


  • Relief Scout Blog


Relief Scout Blog presents the perfect site whenever you need a guidance tool on CBD use. They also provide you with customized recommendations from some top quality brands.


  • CBD Revu Blog


CBD Revu Blog is a useful resource when it comes to selecting top-notch and authentic CBD-infused products. They also provide popular chaste CBD products. 


  • CBD Women’s Lifestyle 


This user-friendly interactive hub offers the perfect platform for female CBD enthusiasts. CBD Women’s Lifestyle provides a guide and useful information about CBD products for women’s health.


  • Root Origins Blog


This blog offers well-researched documents indicating the nourishing and healing properties of hemp-derived CBD products. It provides information regarding CBD twice a month.


  • Kronicvapes


Kronicvapes manufactures high-quality dry-herb vaporizers and supplies CBD Vape oil across the UK. They also provide insightful information about buying and using CBD vapes and products. 


  • Cannabis Oil Tech Blog 


Cannabis Oil Tech Blog is one of the few blogs that offer info about high-tech recycling machines and pure CBD oils as well as an affordable process. The blog posts one educative article every month.

Top 50 Cannabidiol (CBD) Blogs & Websites to Follow in 2020


  • CBD Resource


This blog sheds light on news, education, knowledge and articles regarding CBD and CBD-infused products. CBD Resource makes it easier to garner information about CBD in their monthly post.


  • Hemp Logic


Hemp Logic supplies rich historic information involving cannabis, ever-changing federal laws as well as hemp. It is ideal for learning more about CBD and hemp laws and industrialization.


  • Joey Hemp LLC


Joey Hemp LLC is a distribution company dealing with Cannarroo and Coast To Coast products. They provide quality and reasonable CBD products, posting four informative articles times a quarter. 


  • Peak City CBD


Peak City CBD involves itself in the science and functionality of CBD. They produce educative and informative articles covering CBD science once every month.  


  • Cerebral Technologies Blog


Cerebral Technologies Blog provides detailed info about the therapeutic use of cannabidiol and other related products. They also offer exciting facts regarding the use of CBD oil.


  • New York Daily Weed Report


This is the one-stop destination for news-style CBD news and reports. The New York Daily Weed Report covers everything from medical benefits to politics.


  • Dr. Woody Cannabis Coaching


It offers guidance that helps improve skills in sales and training among cannabis employees. Dr. Woody Cannabis Coaching posts a single article every week.


  • CBDFx Online Store


This online blog offers high-quality CBD and Hemp. They fully comply with European legislation and posts a single article per quarter to inform readers about various CBD topics and industry updates.


  • Encyclopedia CBD


Encyclopedia CBD suits anyone searching for useful information regarding CBD. From dosing information to news and research, the blog offers everything you need to know about CBD.


  • Theorem Cannabis Blog


Theorem Cannabis Blog offers various CBD and hemp products that enhance your lifestyle.  The blog can help you discern the differences between therapeutic and recreational cannabis.


  • All Natural Way


This blog offers pharmaceutical-grade CBD from hemp plant extract. Their blog explores the legality and availability of CBD, making it resourceful for both users and manufacturers. 


  • Happy Bears Edible Blog


You can find innovative ways to consume CBD edibles through Happy Bears Edible Blog. The blog enables users to prepare marijuana edibles at home using their premium baking mix.


  • SingleSeed CBD Blog


In addition to being a company that entirely dedicates itself to discerning the latest and effective CBD products, the blog also concerns itself with healthy living. It is ideal for fitness enthusiasts who are turning to CBD. 


  • CBD Men’s Lifestyle


It is a premier online resource blog that focuses on men CBD trends. CBD Men’s Lifestyle offers excellent insights into emerging men’s products in the cannabidiol industry. 


  • The Canni Family Blog


Canni Family Blog sells CBD oils and water-soluble sprays at affordable prices. Their blog also offers insights about high-strength CBD brands and products. 


  • Finally CBD


Finally CBD is among the trusted blogs for info about top quality CBD brands. They also test and analyze CBD brands to distinguish premium products from others.


  • CBD Search


CBD Search focuses on CBD sensitization, particularly its benefits and drawbacks. The blog uses research-backed data to educate its audience and is a perfect addition if you are looking to expand your knowledge of CBD.


  • Leafie



Leafie provides honest and impartial content concerning the world of CBD. The blog continues to demystify CBD in its news, articles and reviews, helping you become more knowledgeable about various aspects of the compound. 


  • Offers Joint


This blog strives to provide alternative treatments to pharmaceuticals. Offers Joint provides information about legal natural CBD products for their health benefits.


  •   Nothing but Hemp


Nothing but hemp offers research-backed information to aid their audience increase their knowledge of cannabis. You can find well-researched details on hemp-derived CBD.




This website produces some of the best-quality pure full-spectrum CBD oil in the US. They focus on organic non-GMO pesticide-free CBD and posts once a week to educate both farmers and users.


  • CBD Oil Blog


This website offers an interactive hub for farmers, users and others in the cannabis community. Their blog provides 27 posts a year to educate readers about CBD and hemp oil, products, use, benefits and side effects, among other crucial aspects.


There are several other helpful blogs you can read to learn more about CBD, CBD products, laws, use and dose, among other essential topics. Make sure you verify the information and compare different blogs before using any information you read online. More importantly, choose blogs that post regularly and provide high-quality content.