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Negative calories foods are those foods that burn more fats and calories during digestion than they bring in. Basically, these are very low calories foods such as fruits and vegetables. Most of these foods have less than 40 calories per cup. The preparation of these foods does not entail much calories preservation or conservation techniques and include boiling, tossing and steaming. In most cases, no taste enhancers or additives are added.

10 Common Negative Calories Food

1. Coffee

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Calories: Zero per cup


One of the lowest calories drink is black coffee which is a very effective food in weight loss. Coffee changes the levels of peptides in the gut; peptides are natural hormones that regulate hunger in the body. It also lowers the risks of developing colon and liver cancer, Parkinson’s disease and type II diabetes. Caffeine also speeds up fat burning and body metabolism thus lessening the chances of getting obesity due to food accumulation in the body, and diabetes type II as excess sugars are eliminated fast..

2. Arugula

Calories: 4 per cup


This is a peppery vegetable that is very low in fats,cholesterol, calories and saturated fats. However, it contains a lot of crunch, fiber, vitamins A, C and K, and potassium.

Arugula can be consumed in salads, soups and in any other food as a vegetable. The antioxidants and minerals present in arugula block the absorption of toxins that reduce one’s libido hence act as sexual booster.

3. Watercress

Calories: 4 per cup


This is a cleansing cruciferous vegetable with a fresh crunch of salad greens, and the powerful cancer-fighting properties of Brussels sprouts and broccoli, watercress contain sulforaphane and other compounds linked to lowering disease risks. Studies suggest that people who regularly eat these vegetables might be protected from lung cancer.

4. Lettuce


Calories: 5 per cup

The positive thing with lettuce in weight loss is that you can eat pounds of them and never gain even an ounce. Romaine lettuce are great source of vitamin B, manganese and folic acid. These elements assist in blood sugar regulation and enhance the immune system.

5. Broth


Calories: 10 per cup
Lean meats, seafoods, miso, chicken and veggies are a dieter’s secret weapon. They nourish and fill your body with no calories especially if you toss leafy veggies and lean meats. Broth is a high volume food; you can eat large volumes to feel full but brings in very few calories.

However, broth is a high sodium food hence should be taken in moderation.

6. Mushrooms


Calories: 15 per cup

Although that mushrooms appear meaty, they are amazingly low calories foods. They come in many diverse types such as white button, portobello, maitake and shiitake; these are the most common and readily available in many grocery stores.

Almost all mushroom species contain certain antioxidants that boost body immunity in addition to Vitamin B’s and D, niacin, thiamin, phosphorus, selenium, copper pantothenic, fiber and potassium. The shiitake mushrooms are also thought to contain some anticancer properties.

7. Zucchini


Calories: 20 per cup

This is a squash vegetable that falls in the high volume category, meaning it’s filling due to bulkiness, but brings in very few calories. It comes with a lot of vitamin A whether cooked or eaten raw. Zucchini is also a food that is available all throughout the year due to its ease of production

8. Cabbage


Calories: 22 per cup
Cabbages are crunchy, sweet and affordable food that is readily available everywhere. It has a very low calories content but comes with abundant minerals, vitamins, fibers and a number of phytonutrients that prevent cancer. It has Glucosinolate which is a metabolic detoxifier, and sulforaphane which is a strong anti-carcinogen.

The purple cabbage has anthocyanins among other natural chemicals that assist in cellular repair and prevent cancer development.

9. Asparagus


Calories: 27 per cup

Naturally, asparagus is a detoxifying food due to its high levels of amino acids that acts as a diuretic that flash excess fluids from the body. The amino acids also assist in speeding up the metabolism of toxins and alcohol thus it’s a remedy for hangovers.

Asparagus also contains a lot of vitamins (A, C, E and K), B6, folate, iron, proteins and copper. Asparagus shoots can be eaten in their natural form, tossed into salads, steamed or raw.

10. Broccoli


Calories: 31 per cup
Broccoli is a superfood that has a very low calories content. However, it is very rich in vitamins, fiber and minerals. It also has strong antioxidants that decrease the chances of breast and colon cancers’ development. The antioxidant is called sulforaphane, and is the one responsible for the broccoli’s bitter flavor

Eating the above low calories foods is a very easy way to attain the desired weight loss. However, it’s good to combine these diets with some exercising. In addition to losing weight, exercising also has other positive benefits to the personal well being.

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