Tips to Avoid Naysayers and Prepare Perfectly for Competitive Exams


Whenever you set an aim in your life and have unfaltering determination to achieve it, you will attract a lot of naysayers. Some of them may be your close friends or family members. However, you can’t let them stop you from going after what is valuable for you. Do you know what naysayers do? They’ll demotivate you and drain your energy everytime. We would suggest you pay no heed to them and keep doing what’s best for you. Candidates preparing for competitive exams may encounter many people who can pull their leg and dim their spark. If you are also aiming to crack any competitive exam, then read this article to know some suitable tips to avoid naysayers. 

Every year the government of India conducts hundreds of competitive exams to select adept personnel for various job positions. Cracking these exams is not a bed of roses. You need to cover a gigantic exam syllabus. Are you preparing for upcoming bank exams? If yes, then start your preparation under the guidance of an ideal source that provides bank coaching in Delhi. To prepare for a competitive exam, it is essential to keep yourself happy and optimistic. But, sometimes it is not possible because of naysayers. You may avoid these people to keep your spirit high for exam preparation. But, it is not always possible to maintain distance with naysayers. 

Here are some magical tips that can help you when resistance from naysayers get tough:

Don’t worry, there are many through which you can keep yourself positive while dealing with them. 

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  • Clearly define your dreams

First, you need to define your dreams. Get to know, why are you preparing for competitive exams? What will you get after cracking these exams? How will you feel after clearing competitive exams? Answer these questions before falling prey to negative words of anyone. For sure, you are preparing for competitive exams to flourish your career. Once you’ll be able to achieve your goals, you’ll automatically shut the mouth of every naysayer. When you’ll be able to articulate clearly what you want, no one can shake your enthusiasm to get it.

  • Annihilate your inner naysayer

Sometimes you can be your biggest naysayer. Your ‘inner naysayer’ can convince you into believing that you are not smart enough, you won’t be able to crack the exam in the first attempt, you are not lucky etc. Remember, you can always replace your inner naysayer with an empowering voice. So, how will you do that? It is possible by practicing mindfulness. It can help you in staying calm and positive. Also, you’ll be able to recognize your strength. Practicing mindfulness regularly can help you kill the naysayer inside you.

  • Make links with positive people

Try to surround yourself with positive people. It can aid in keeping your chin up. Also, you’ll feel more productive to prepare for the exam. If you surround yourself with negative people, you’ll also become a negative person. Therefore, it is always beneficial to be with people who are moving towards their dreams. Their spirit and enthusiasm can encourage you to prepare for the exam effectively.

  • Don’t fear failure

Usually, there are naysayers who can demotivate you by saying that you will not be able to crack the exam. Never believe their words. Instead, remember failure is nothing. It only defines the result. In case you’ll fail in the exam, you have the option to change your study plan and try once again. Failing once doesn’t imply you will fail again. Your diligent efforts can help you accomplish your goals easily. So, get over the fear of failure and give your best while preparing for the exam.

  • Never talk about your plan

You’ll meet many people who will ask about your study plan. We would suggest you never tell them your plans. Instead, keep on working hard regularly. Concentrate on doing actions rather than telling your plans. Do you know why? Because, naysayers can dishearten you by saying that your plan is not appropriate. You won’t be able to achieve your goal by following this plan. So, keep your plans secret. Follow a study plan that is suitable for you and make changes to it regularly as per your requirements.

  • Take daily actions for what you want

It is important to move towards your goals slowly. We would suggest you start your competitive exam preparation at least 3 months prior to exam date. It can help you prepare for the exam without stress and anxiety. So, make sure you have made a suitable timetable for exam preparation. Follow your timetable and avoid coming in contact with negative people. If they try to approach you, tell them you are about to do something important and you’ll meet them later. Saying ‘no’ can keep you positive all the time.

  • Spend some time with closed ones

If there are naysayers, there are motivators too. There may be some people in your life who can encourage you to achieve your goals. So, try to spend time with them during weekends. It can rejuvenate your mind and encourage you to prepare for the exam. So, try to spare some time every week to spend with your family and friends. Also, never talk about naysayers with them. Talking about negative people with your closed ones can drain your energy. Instead, you can talk about your goals and how you can achieve them.

  • Believe in yourself

Keep reminding yourself that you are capable of achieving your goals. For this, you can maintain a journal in which you can write about your goals and how you will achieve them. Also, you can maintain a journal to write affirmations. It can aid in keeping you optimistic all the time.

No doubt, preparing for the competitive exam is not an easy task. You may need help to prepare for the exam perfectly. For which exam are you preparing? Is it the SSC exam? If yes, then seek help from a reliable institute that provides SSC coaching in Delhi.


These are some of the proven ways to ignore naysayers and achieve your goals. Note that they are the biggest distraction. So, it is important to avoid them and maintain peace of mind. For sure, you’ll be able to study for the exam with a light mind and be able to crack it in one fell swoop.

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