Thermometer a very useful instrument for your house

Thermometer a very useful instrument for your house!

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Thermometer a very useful instrument for your house!

The thermometer is that useful tool which is being used at every house. Although it is an instrument which earlier can be seen in the hospitals or clinics only, but as of now the thermometers also have become digital like the digital world. Therefore, it can be seen at homes as well. What is a Thermometer? A thermometer is an instrument which can be used to measure the temperature of the body. Apart from body temperature a thermometer also used to measure food, water, and air temperature. But mercury thermometer is specifically designed in order to measure the human body temperature. 


In this article, we will see there are three types of thermometers that are: digital, infrared and Mercury. We will discuss the details of each type of thermometer so that you can gain knowledge about all of them. So this will helps you to choose the one that you can use to measure the temperature. You just have to understand and make sure that you know what you want.

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Mercury Thermometer

When you are using the Mercury Thermometer, firstly you shake it so that mercury went inside the tube. Secondly, you just put the part that is marked under your tongue approximately for two minutes.

You must not open the mouth during this examine time otherwise there will be an error in the measurement.


Digital Thermometer

The device has a heat sensor which is known as the thermistor. This sets it apart from the mercury type which offers more versatility. Also, it gives an accurate reading within a minute. The Unit is more complex as compared to that of the traditional type. This device has a semiconductor element for measuring the temperature. It has a microprocessor inside the thermometer which can give a reading in less than 30 seconds. This unit will get the required power from a small battery. The internal microprocessor shuts off when it has been kept on for an extended period of time. 

Infrared Thermometer

This type of Thermometer uses infrared light to measure body temperature. You need not make contact with this device for measurement. The main drawbacks of this Thermometer are that it will tell or measure the temperature of the surface of anybody and the major advantage is it can tell immediately and accurate temperature.


Common Feature


  • It is able to measure the temperature of anybody or surface instantly.
  • It shows the result of temperature quickly on the LCD display.
  • The results of the Thermometer is instant.
  • It can be used for measuring the temperature from 89.5F to 108.5F.
  • It can measure the temperature without even touching that surface.
  • There is an additional option of alarm that can be used and if it set then it will notify when the temperature went beyond the fixed limit.
  • The fixed distance that a thermometer can measure is from 1.9 to 5.9 inches.
  • The temperature is strong enough that it will work, after if it falls by chance.
  • There is not any need for replacement of the product.
  • It also prevents the transformation of infection or virus from one person to another.




So this was the whole details about the several types of thermometer. On the basis of there drawbacks and benefits of the Thermometer, so you can select one them easily. Every product has there owned profit and loss. The product you select will depend on the basis of your preference and need.

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