5 Tips for Fighting off the Common Cold


If you are sick of waging wars with the common cold take care of your body. Getting sick usually means you are neglecting some aspect of your overall wellness. Eat right, get enough sleep and exercise regularly to improve your immune system strength and kill the common cold.


Rest to Strengthen Your Immune System

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Get at least 8 hours of sleep each night to strengthen your immune system. Taking care of your body by resting improves immune health and wards off the common cold. Establish a sleeping routine. Go to bed at the same time nightly to program yourself effectively. Form the habit of hitting the sack early and waking at an early hour. Getting enough rest makes the sniffles go away quickly.

Common Cold

Exercise Three to Five Times Each Week

Exercising boosts your immune system, burns off excess energy and helps you fight of the common cold. Individuals prone to catching colds generally resist exercising on a regular basis. Circulation energizes your mind and body which helps you to immunize yourself to germs. Jog, walk or hit the starts for 30 minutes per session. If you want to put your cold fighting campaign into overdrive augment your cardiovascular activity like walking with resistance training. Build up your muscles and immune health by training with free weights three to five times weekly.

Steer Clear of Sick People

Do you know people who seem to get sick every few weeks? Run down, tired, over-worked individuals compromise their immune health which makes them prone to catching the common cold. Lower your risk of contracting a cold by avoiding the sick crowd until they recover. Put off dinner and a movie until your friend gets better. If you work with a sick individual who refuses to take a day off minimize your contact with these people.

Eat a Healthy Diet to Kill Your Cold

Consume plenty of fruits and vegetables to strengthen your immune system and fight off the common cold. Veggies and fruit are filled with healthy vitamins and minerals. Eat healthy fats like cashews and olive oil and complex carbohydrates like sweet potatoes to improve your health. Eating right kills your cold and promotes your overall well being. Drink plenty of water to hydrate yourself effectively and eliminate toxic chemicals from your body. Water acts as a natural diuretic. Drink at least eight, 8-ounce glasses of water daily to remain energized and stay healthy.

Use Supplements to Cure Your Cold

Supplementing with holistic solutions can help you stave off sickness. Drink rosehip tea to boost your immune health. Take Vitamin C if you experience the sniffles. Only use supplements to complement your overall wellness regimen. Taking herbal remedies does not replace getting sufficient sleep or exercising regularly. Supplements simply augment your disciplined diet and exercise regimen.

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