What to Think About When Hiring the Catering Company




When planning an event such as a wedding or anniversary there are things that you can’t cut corners on: the food at an event is a major factor of any special occasion. Don’t cheap out. No single person can cater an event of any large magnitude. This is where catering companies come in handy. The catering business is a global one, one that has been around for a long time.


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What you Need to Consider:

 Hiring the Catering Company

  • What level of service do you need?
  • Do you have a theme?
  • How do they charge?
  • Do they work on holidays?
  • How long you need them = how much they cost
  • Menu
  • Hors d’oeuvres


Firstly: Partial or Full Service


This is the first consideration and will affect the overall cost. A full service usually involves all or some of these features: waiting staff, food delivery, bartenders, event management (dance floor, centre pieces etc.) furniture, and much more. Partial service usually consists of food preparation and cooking made for delivery to your venue or for collection from their kitchens, usually in the form of a buffet or spit-roasted pig.


Whichever service you decide to use, you will have to consider a theme. Most caterers will work to a theme of your choice. This may be simply a colour scheme or maybe you want all your food to be gory in some way to celebrate Halloween.


Speaking of holidays, do they work them? You will have to check with your caterer of choice whether or not they work holidays. A lot of companies will, as they are aware that people use the holidays as a time to have a special event or party. It’s best to check though, never assume.


Caterer’s offer their services the world over from meal deliveries in Manchester to mad ud ad huset odense



Money, Money, Money


Caterers vary in price. They also vary in how they charge. The most common charge is by person, but some companies will charge by the hour. By person is more common as it affects the amount of food and man power required to make your event special. If however you are just buying a partial service, such as a buffet – it will be one single charge depending on the amount of food within your buffet.


Check what’s best for your event and decide on the most cost effective service that suits your needs.


The Food Itself


The food is obviously key. It is why you are paying them. Some companies will offer you a wide choice of menu, be it buffet, or sit down meal. You can choose the one that best suits your event. Other companies will have a set menu that can’t really be deviated from. The pricier companies will allow you full customisation of the menu depending on your needs or, as mentioned earlier, your theme. If you decide to have hors d’oeuvres then you will need to decide whether these will be stationery or carried by waiters (which could potentially increase the cost).


In this modern day many people have food requirements depending on allergies and religion etc. The  catering company  fully understand this and have menus that cater to all requirements.




The majority of people have internet access to most services. The  catering company is one of the easiest to hire and are necessary when organising a big event. It doesn’t matter where you are, whether you need mad ud ad huset koldiing, a full buffet delivered in Brisbane or a party catered for in Paris. There are companies that cater to your needs whether you live In Denmark, Australia, or France. The food will differ but the service stays largely the same. Shop around for the best catering company you can find.



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