Signs of Aging That Point To Aging & What You Can Do About It



Aging isnt all that bad – with age comes wisdom after all. But, many factors can accelerate the process of aging, everything from smoking to sedentary habits to fast food eating culture. Your face is not the only part of your body that shows the signs of aging, but the effects of aging can be seen individual cells and in whole organs. These changes result in changes in function and in appearance. But the fortunate part is that many of these effects can be controlled by minor changes in your lifestyle. Here are four signs that you are looking older than you should, and what you can do about them.
Signs of Aging

Lines, wrinkles and sagging skin

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The wrinkles, lines and sagging skin of your face are the common feature that make you look and feel older that you really are. As one grows old, the skin will tend to lose its moisture and elasticity. With age, the body produces less collagen and elastin, two main proteins that keep skin flexible and strong. However, there are several other factors that lead to premature aging to skin. Overexposure to sun, overuse of cosmetics, unhealthy diet etc. are some of them.

Ways to prevent them

There are several ways by which you can combat the aging process of your skin. Eat nutritious foods by including a variety of fruits and veggies that help in healing your skin. Minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants nourish your skin, keeping it healthy and beautiful. Unhealthy, fast food can cause digestive problems that are reflected in the form of unhealthy, aging skin. Detox your body by fiber rich food, and by drinking plenty of water. To protect yourself from the damaging effects of the sun, always use sunscreen on exposed parts of your body.

Red eyes and Droopy eyelids

Red eyes are not just the indicative signs of seasonal allergies. They can indicate a more serious problem – arthritis.

Another common feature noticed with age is droopy eyelids. Water retention is common when the body starts to age. But, one can notice this symptom at an early age due to the effect of excessive salty diet. If you are constantly taking in salty food, it will make it harder for your body to release excess fluids. Droopy eyelids are also caused due to excessive fatigue and thyroid dysfunction.

Ways to treat it

Diet plays an important role in nourishing yourself with healing foods and delaying the warning signs of ageing. Start taking fresh fruits and other anti-inflammatory foods (such as celery, turmeric) and fibrous vegetables rich in carotene. These foods reduce inflammation, pain and swelling around the joints.

Reduce your salt intake and incorporate water based foods in your diet.

Tiredness and fatigue

Your biological age is increased when you are tired all the time. Well, that is true. We live in a sleep-deprived world these days. Getting eight hours of sound sleep has become luxury for some people. If our body is not getting enough rest, it is unable to repair the damaged cells. If you are aging too rapidly, your body continues to slow down, making you constantly feel tired.

Ways to combat it

Eight hours of uninterrupted sleep should be a part of your daily routine. Make sure you follow a regular sleep pattern. Apart from sleep, eating energy rich foods also help in fighting fatigue. This includes nuts, whole grain breads, oats etc. Avoid consuming sugary foods as they make you feel tired and fatigued once your body runs out of them.

Constant stress

Although stress is not directly seen on any part of the body, but is one of the major factors responsible for causing aging related signs and symptoms in the body. Apart from diet and exercise, this is the deep rooted cause of premature aging of your body. Whether the stress is related to work, office, home, kids or health, your body reacts in the same way. When your body is under constant stress, it releases cortisol, which, in a long run, is responsible for causing symptoms like insomnia, weight gain, high blood pressure etc.

Ways to beat stress

You cannot change the stressful environment or situations, but you can change your ways of perceiving them. Relaxation techniques like yoga, deep breathing and meditation are a great way to beat stress.

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