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Weight loss is not for everyone; there are factors that must be considered when one is entering the lose weight programs. The most factor in fast weight loss is the consideration of one’s health status versus the benefits to be accrued. There are several groups of people that are not allowed to indulge in weight loss programs due to medical conditions.


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The first group is the expectant and the lactating mothers. This group cannot engage in fast weight loss for they require extra nutrition to cater for the baby’s growth. In normal circumstances, the mothers are encouraged to eat more healthy and nutritious foods than lose weight to aid in growth, and keep at bay all the ailments that might affect the mother’s and the baby’s health. Despite that weight control during pregnancy and lactation is important, no much  weight loss is significantly emphasized.

Weight Loss Programs


Young children are in their most active age, they are also restricted from indulging in weight loss programs. Apart from a few extreme cases of obesity where weight loss is recommended, the rest are encouraged to lose weight through putting more time in physical activities such as playing. In fact, increasing the activity levels even in obese children is more emphasized than the fast weight loss programs. The reason for this preference is that the children need more nutrition for growth and to supplement for the calories used in playing.

Children in boarding institutions should also keep off weight loss. The reasons for this maybe overlooked although they are very real. In these institutions, the children have set meals which are served at set times. In most cases, the children do not have access to other foods such as snacks. By allowing them to lose weight they end up starving themselves since the food offered might not be enough to replace the already used calories during the intervals between meals and their playing.


As the children enter teenage hood, the levels of nutrition demand doubles to cater for the rapid physical changes. Girls require more of proteins to cater for the weight loss they incur in their menses. The fat loss is substituted by the fat accumulation in different body parts thus weight loss could be detrimental. On the other hand, the boy’s lose a lot of weight as they engage in more vigorous games and activities as they try to show they masculinity. Others engage in earlier illicit sexual activities where some calories are lost. So, weight loss in teenagers is not really encouraged.


People in prisons should not enter into any weight loss programs. The reason for this is that they do not have adequate food. For starters; the food is rationed to make them not feel too comfortable. Secondly, they do hard work either in the fields or in their holding blocks where a lot of calories are used.


The sick and the convalescing people are also exempted from the indulgence in the fast weight loss activity. Diseases lead to much wastage of body reserves or fast weight loss, making it illogical to strive to lose weight. So the sick and the recovering people must avoid weight loss till they are back to their former state. Also, the need for more nutrition to aid the medication to increase their efficiency is another reason for fast weight loss being prohibited; most medicines are recommended to be taken after food making the restriction on food intake impossible.


There is another group of people that is prohibited from weight loss process; the people with gastronomical disorders. This group of people has problems in the processing different foods; assimilating them into the bloodstream, or are allergic to some. What this means that any available food must be utilized. Indulging in the lose weight programs would make the only available food reserves be used thus the patients end up with more complicated conditions. Some of these people are fed through the pipes or have selective food varieties thus no weight loss is necessary.


Naturally, there are people who are genetically underweight. These people’s BMI is lower than supposed to be for no man-made reason. Such people are prohibited from lose weight programs to try and assist them reach their required weights. In fact, they have no weight to loss hence any fast weight loss venture would invite a myriad of disorders that sometimes could be fatal.


The last group that is not supposed to engage in weight loss activities are the elderly. Old people need a lot of calories to keep their bodies healthy. In old age, people’s organs and tissues start to degenerate thus no calories and other food components should be wasted. However, those old people who are already overweight can strive to loss some weight; but in a controlled manner. Overweight or obese elders are prone to many disease such as cardiac disorders, circulatory ailments and weak bones among many others.


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