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9 Reasons Why Are You Eating Even Though You Are Not Hungry

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We are all guilty of the offense “filling our stomachs when we are not actually hungry.” Consciously or unconsciously, you allow food to reach our stomach without its request. When it happens occasionally, feeding in the absence of real hunger is not so scary. But when it is embedded in everyday life, it becomes a threat to the beautiful line of the body, and sometimes health.

Did it happen to snack just because you’re bored, you’re anxious or angry? Are you a person who sees the holidays and special occasions as a green light to overeat?

Reasons Why Are You Eating

Physical hunger should not be ignored and the urge to feed who is born to be happy. But after taking up food to meet emotional appetite or appetite triggered by our environment, a bad habit that does not fit into the concept of a healthy diet.

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Here are the most common reasons why you eat even though you don’t feel hungry :

Holiday or special occasion. When you know a lot of people , every day can be a special occasion. Birthdays, christenings , weddings … just as you thought the end had come , began the festive period – Easter , New Year . Can you look like every day is filled with fat drenched celebrations with alcohol .
Tip: The holidays should not be seen as a license to overeat . Recall that the parties are for people , not for food . Remember the control and not overdo the portions .

You are thirsty. Many people are confused thirst with hunger, so they tend to eat when in fact all you need is a glass of water.
Tip: The next time you feel hunger, drink water and wait 10 minutes. If the hunger is not passing, let your hand free to reach the selected foods.

We use food to cope with stress , anxiety , anger , loneliness … After the row with the desired look for solace in chocolate ? Headache from the stressful day we decrease with uncontrolled nibbling front of the TV ? All we have ever been victims of emotional eating , but the food does not eliminate the problems .Tip: Before running  to the fridge, ask yourself whether you are really hungry or the stress and anxiety triggers your urge to eat. Consider that emotions are your Achilles heel. Once you find them, it will be easier to respond appropriately when they attacked. To get rid of emotional hunger, talk 10-odd minutes with your friend, go for a walk in the nearest park or visit a fitness gym.

You are hungry for dream. The fact is that the appetite is stronger and harder to control when we didn’t have  enough sleep. Blame it on leptin and ghrelin, hormones responsible for controlling appetite and fullness. Lack of sleep lowers leptin, a hormone that tells the brain that you have received enough food, and increases levels of ghrelin that awakens hunger.
Tip: strive to have  7-8 hours of sleep.

The food is nutritious. You have to admit that reading the word “diet” or “light” on the product soothes the conscience and invites you to snack few more scraps despite internal fullness. But you should know that these products are not without calories just because they carry the label “diet”.
Tip: Limiting portions and controlling the number of meals is necessary, whether in your diet or diet dominated non nutritious  food.

You are bored . Surely it happened to you often to open the fridge during a boring rainy weekend or eating because you cant activate your hands with nothing else . Boredom is a recipe for inclusion of additional calories.
Tip: Find activities that you meet, like reading a book, which will be your option when boredom attacks.

Eating with big company. The more people there are on the table where you eat, the more the number of calories you enter because its harder to reject the idea for ordering a tasty dessert, and frequent toast with a glass of alcohol.
Tip: Save the control of feeding, regardless of the environment and learn to say “no” despite insisting environment.

You are used to empty the container regardless of the portion size. Emptying the bowl routine is another reason why you eat when you are hungry. Habits have  permanently engraved in our behavior, so it is difficult to abandon the same habits .
Tip: Use smaller dishes or fill smaller portions to avoid overeating. Remember, the container does not have to be empty You get up off he table.

Giving up your vices. Finally you gathered courage and you dealt the decisive blow to the nicotinic demon? Quitting smoking is great news, but not when you reach for food whenever the desire for nicotine attacks. For many people food is attractive and seemingly harmless alternative to keep the hands busy without having to reach for a cigarette, but the truth is that it can easily lead to overeating and obesity.
Tip:Find an activity that will help you outsmart the vices, like sports or socializing more intensely.



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