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Quick Tips to Calm Your Anxiety While Preparing for Defence Exams


The Indian defence forces are home to plucky youngsters. These forces don’t welcome individuals with weak hearts. To enter the defence forces, you need to be brave enough to combat every antagonism. You need to inculcate a positive attitude before joining these forces. So, if you are preparing for defence exams, make sure you are building a mindset that is necessary to be a part of the armed forces. No doubt, you’ll deal with many situations that can make you feel anxious while preparing for the exam. But, it is necessary to annihilate everything that evokes anxiety or stress in you. Keep your chin up by adhering to the tips and tricks noted in this article.

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Defence aspirants can consider these quick tips to calm their anxiety while preparing for the exam:

Make this thing clear to you that you can get help from others to prepare for the exam. But, it’s your sole responsibility to keep yourself calm and optimistic during exam preparation. 

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  • Be a good planner as well as implementer

Every candidate makes a timetable to study for the exam. However, only a handful of them follow their time table rigidly. Note that sticking to a timetable can help you complete exam syllabus on time. As a result, you’ll be left with sufficient time for revision. Following a study plan is as important as making it. So, implement every plan in such a way that you’ll be able to crack the exam in the first attempt.

  • Extricate negative thoughts

Get rid of negative thoughts while preparing for the exam. We understand that it is easier said than done. Eradicating negative thoughts is not an easy task. But, you can always put in hard efforts to overcome negative thoughts. Follow these tips to extricate pessimistic thoughts:

  • Talk with a successful person.
  • Read some motivational books. We would suggest you read The 5am Club by Robin Sharma. However, you can choose to read other books as well.
  • Listen to motivational podcasts every morning. It can keep your energy levels high throughout the day. 
  • Talk about your stress and worries with your close ones. They can give you an ideal solution to fight with tensions. 
  • Avoid the perfectionist trap

Remember no one is perfect. We all make mistakes and that’s perfectly ok. Nevertheless, it doesn’t imply that you’ll not make improvements in yourself. Just don’t feel disheartened after making a mistake. Instead, you can make sincere efforts to improve that mistake. Every perfectionist was once a beginner. So, see your mistakes as an opportunity to polish your knowledge. For sure, it can help you understand every concept properly.

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  • Scrutinize your performance

Keep on scrutinizing your knowledge by practicing enough mock tests. You can easily get some mock tests from a bookstore near you. Also, there are a plethora of websites that can provide you mock tests for free. These tests are made as per actual exam pattern and syllabus. Therefore, solving mock tests is a perfect way to replicate the experience of exams. So, try to solve at least two mock tests everyday to ace every section of the defence exam. Additionally, you’ll be able to increase your speed of solving questions. This way you can easily eradicate stress from your mind and feel confident to appear for the defence exam.

  • Don’t think about multitasking

Our brain is designed to focus on a single task at a time. Doing several tasks at a time can never let you give your 100%. Moreover, multitasking is not good for your health. It can increase your heart rate and blood pressure. Don’t think that multitasking can make you efficient. It actually reduces your productivity. So, make sure you are doing only a single task at a time. 

  • Take short breaks

Give yourself short breaks while preparing for the exam. It can rejuvenate your mind and aids in focusing better. You can do the following things in your short break:

  • Enjoy forty winks.
  • A short walk
  • Listen to music.
  • Eat snacks etc.

Relax yourself in short breaks. It can lower down stress and anxiety. Also, never extend your short break beyond a certain limit. You won’t be able to complete your exam syllabus on time. 

  • Steer clear of distraction

When you fall prey to distraction, you waste your valuable time. This way you won’t be able to finish your exam syllabus on time. As a result, you’ll feel anxious at the end. So, try to keep yourself away from distractions while preparing for the defence exams. Here are few tips that you can follow:

  • Try to study in a library. This place is free from distractions. Therefore, you can easily focus by studying in a library. 
  • Keep your phone silent during study hours. 
  • Avoid parties during the preparation period. 
  • Practice meditation

You can practice meditation to keep yourself calm. Also, it can help you improve your focus while preparing for the exam. So, try to spare at least 10 minutes in a day to practice meditation. There are various researches that reveal people who practice meditation regularly experience less stress and anxiety. 

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These are some of the proven ways that can help you get rid of anxiety while preparing for defence exams. However, it is not mandatory to follow each and every method mentioned above. You can choose to follow any of the above tips. We hope that these tips can beef up the efficiency of defence aspirants to prepare for exams.

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