Bidet – Leave This Taboo in the Past

Post Views: 108 Originally posted on December 10, 2020 @ 10:07 am Bidet – Leave This Taboo in the Past   Invented in the 1700s in the beautiful country of France, bidets have been unjustly neglected for quite a long time after their beginnings. The biggest reason for people’s disregard of these extremely useful bathroom … Read more

9 Reasons Why Are You Eating Even Though You Are Not Hungry

Post Views: 127 Originally posted on December 8, 2020 @ 8:50 pm We are all guilty of the offense “filling our stomachs when we are not actually hungry.” Consciously or unconsciously, you allow food to reach our stomach without its request. When it happens occasionally, feeding in the absence of real hunger is not so … Read more

How can you save money on prescription drugs?


Post Views: 104 Originally posted on December 7, 2020 @ 6:56 am How can you save money on prescription drugs? The entire health-care system is dependent on prescription drugs. Medicines are a reliable and scientific remedy for patients suffering from acute or chronic disorders. However, it is quite an unfortunate fact that the prices of prescription … Read more


Post Views: 155 Originally posted on December 5, 2020 @ 8:07 am                                         CORONA – CITY IN CALIFORNIA. What comes in your mind when you hear of the term Corona? At this period, of course it is the pandemic that is all round the globe. That is Coronavirus, well; did you know that there is a … Read more