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The need to feel good physically and mentally has nothing to do with belonging to either sex. The idea of healthy living is for everyone alike: combining healthy eating and an exercise routine. However, there are motivations that distinguish the type of routine men and women usually choose to exercise. Just as we talk about essentially masculine exercises and sports, we can also refer to best exercise routine for women.

In this case, we find an exercise routine that contemplates the desire of many women to look good, looking for a flat belly, buttocks and thighs firmer and strengthen arms. Let’s look at a selection or exercise routine that may be tempting and effective.

An exercise routine for women is an ideal exercise to strengthen the glutes. All you need is a pair of dumbbells. You should stand up straight to start the exercise. You should progressively support the weight of the body in the right leg, as you bring the left leg back and up so that it is parallel to the floor. To do this, you should tilt the upper body, from the waist up, forward, so that it is almost parallel to the floor. The arms will remain straight, as if hanging, by holding the weight of the dumbbells in front of the body. Once you reach that position, hold it for about 5 seconds and then slowly go up to the starting position with your buttocks and not your waist up. You should change your leg and repeat. 3 sets of 10 replicates.

Exercise for waist and abdominals

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Routine exercises for women lie on a mat, sideways. Supports the whole forearm on the floor and pulling on that arm, you see lifting your hips, keeping your legs together and lifting the opposite arm. Now you only have to hold this position for half a minute. Then do it with the other arm and repeat the exercise. It is an exercise that will shape your waist, strengthening the oblique and other abdominal muscles.


An exercise routine for women is an ideal exercise for the glutes. You can do it with a chair or on a ladder. You will strengthen the buttocks, quadriceps and hamstring, that is, the back to the quadriceps. To do them correctly, you must recharge the weight on the foot that is higher. Then you must raise the whole body so that the foot that is not supported reaches the height of the other foot. Alternate this exercise for each leg. A Series of 10-15 repetitions will suffice.

The bridge

Exercise routines for women strengthens the lower back and help you maintain a firm stance. You should lie on your back, flexing your legs so that the soles of your feet remain fully supported on the floor as well as the palms of the hands and arms. You should lift the trunk gently and when you reach the highest position, hold it for about 5 seconds and then slowly descend.

Investment Exercises

Workout Routine exercises will help you keep cellulite problems at bay. To do this, you have to lie on your back and lift your legs and hips so that having your legs extended, your feet match your head. You should not force your neck, but use your shoulders to hold you for about 30 seconds or a minute. If it is simpler, you can do it by leaning against a wall, so you can rest your feet on it when you reach the indicated position.

Lizards or push-ups

Exercise routine for women are necessary to strengthen the biceps, triceps, shoulders, back and even buttocks, with varying intensity according to the exercise of lizards you do. There are more and less difficult, but all of them are extremely effective to tone the body and burn fat.

Triceps Exercises

Exercise routine for women complement the lizards, and tone that part of the arms that you fear so much that yields to gravity, we propose these triceps exercises. You should just sit in a chair with your palms resting close to your thighs. Sliding the body forward while keeping your feet on the ground, slowly lower your body while leaving your hands on the seat of the chair. Descend until the arms are at right angles and rise again. Do two sets of 10 repetitions.

Well, these exercises only need the supplement with aerobic exercises. You can go jogging, swimming, biking or running on best treadmills (A Buying Guide of Best treadmills for runners will help you lot if you are specially interest in running at home.), depending on whether you are best suited to a high or low impact routine. Do not forget a balanced diet and you will keep healthy and fit.

How you recover after exercising

Doing some exercise is better than nothing, but it is not the same to let go of the legs or do a couple of pushups to be aware of the training as a whole, in which the effort is as important as the phases before and after it.

That is key for a person to enjoy the greatest benefit that can offer a physical activity.

Is it better to exercise before or after breakfast?

In this sense it is the same whether it is a work of strength or one of resistance, the formula for the exercise to reach its optimum level of effectiveness is to devote time to the previous warm-up, the training itself and then be aware of the phase of Recovery.

Hydration is key to replenishing the wear and tear on the body.

The latter plays a crucial role since it is the one that will maintain the necessary regularity by reducing the risk of injury and recover from the wear and tear that the organism suffers from the effort to which it has been subjected.

“If you do not recover, the next day the body will not respond when you are asked to perform a force or cardiovascular work,” Juan Francisco Marco, a professor at the sports science and training center in Spain, told BBC World.

Liquids and solids

Juan Francisco emphasized that “the first thing is to rehydrate the body, either with water or with some type of isotonic drink that can be done at home to recover minerals and sugars.”

It is also important to replenish glycogen stores, which are used by the body to activate the muscles and carry out the activity that is being practised.

When resistance training is performed, glycogen stores are wasted.

“It is advisable to consume carbohydrates of slow absorption since what is sought is that the body assimilates them little by little,” added the expert in physical preparation.

Among the most favorable foods are cereals, rice (“an ideal carbohydrate since it is absorbed very slowly”), legumes, bread or pasta.

Keys to Increasing Resistance When Exercising

Along with carbohydrate, a dose of protein, which is vital in the growth and repair of muscle tissues that wear out, must be incorporated, especially during strength training.

“Keep in mind that in an intense muscular exercise, especially of weights, the structural proteins are eliminated, which are the bricks that form the muscle and it is necessary to recover them after finishing the training,” explained Marco.

Strength work mainly affects muscle tissues so it is recommended to consume foods rich in protein.

“Eggs, dairy products or milkshakes can come in here, which can be a very good option, since the body is absorbing protein and not the fats or sugars that carry the dairy. It also makes the muscle absorb it well and fast. ”

Back to the calm

Depending on the type of exercise, whether they are weight or endurance, priority should be given to one type of food (carbohydrates for cardiovascular work and protein for strength), but both are needed after any workout.

Another aspect is the return to calm of the organism, which consists of stretching in discharges that are at very low intensity and in positions that are as comfortable as possible.

Aerobics vs. Weights: What Type of Workout is Best for Losing Fat?

“This helps the muscles to relax, the respiratory system to normalize, to lower the pulsations and to return all bodily functions to their normal,” explained the professor of High Performance.

“You can add some very soft aerobic exercise, about five to ten minutes, because that helps us eliminate toxic substances such as there may be as excess lactic acid has accumulated and is like a way to drain the blood “.

Once the body is recovered, then it can be started again.

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