Groundbreaking Medical research in using the blood of Umbilical cord


What is an umbilical cord or meaning of umbilical cord? –

An umbilical cord or birth cord is a medium  between an unborn baby and the mother ; which supplies all needed Nutrient-rich and oxygenated blood from placenta[organ connecting fetus and uterine] and helps in excreting the waste products like uric acid ,creatinine and urea. During the 20th and 24th week of child growth the placenta protects the developing baby by passing antibodies called as IgG antibodies which give immunity to the child from various infections.
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Physical aspects of Umbilical cord – It starts forming from the 5th week of the development stage of fetus. The length of the cord is 50cm long and 2cm in diameter .The Umbilical cord has two arteries for carrying deoxygenated blood and one vein to carry nutrient rich blood to the fetus. Sometimes only one artery and vein might be present within the cord.
 Does the Umbilical cord cause cancer? – International medical studies have stated that the umbilical cord has some toxins in the cord blood that can cause cancer. The researchers have found that the toxins are due to extreme exposure to synthetic fragrance, Plastics, Computer circuit boards and increased pollution.
umbilical cordThe American medical board has also stated that it has been found that about 250 cancer causing toxins are present in umbilical cord. The major chemicals that are found were Galaxolide Tonalide, Tetrabromobisphenol A (TBBPA), Bisphenol A (BPA) and Teflon-relative perfluorobutanoic acid. The studies also confirmed that the poor tend to have more possibilities of causing cancer than other people.
Cord Blood in the treatment of cancer – The blood from the Umbilical cord contains stem cells that can be used to treat blood related diseases and genetic disorders. The parents may choose to collect the cord blood sample for future medical treatments of the child or other members of the family. The umbilical cord blood stem cell research has found that the umbilical blood can cure more than 70 diseases including anemia [lack of Red blood cells], Lymphoma [blood cancer] and leukemia [bone marrow cancer].
The umbilical cord blood stem cell research finds that new studies and advancements in the field can be used to treat strokes, brain injury and type 2 diabetes, hearing loss diseases .The studies also led to new medicinal procedures like harvesting and banking of umbilical blood cells .As of 2007 the cost of private storing of cord cells is estimated as 2000 US dollars.
Futuristic plans in treating diseases with umbilical cord blood-Heart damage [cardiovascular diseases] are also taken into research as the stem cells are found to repair the injured cardiac tissues, treat vascular functions and improve the heart function in animal modules.EUROCORD is the research company started in 2004 with stem cell Pr. Gregory Katz and Pr. Eliane Gluckman.The company has 511 transplant centers in 56 countries. In 2010 Eurobond has become a member of FAB [French Agence de la biomedicine which also heads the operations. In 2005 Dr. Peter Zanstra from University of Toronto has developed a method of increasing the stem cells to use it to treat the adults. With the current scenario of medicinal revolution we can surely hope that umbilical stem cells can be used for the welfare of human kind.
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