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It has been proven that people are naturally intrigued by graphic images. The “catchier” an image is the more attention it is likely to generate – that is exactly how Pinterest works. Food outlets and restaurants stand to benefit a lot from using Pinterest as a marketing tool.

If you own a restaurant and are interested in joining the Pinterest bandwagon, but don’t know where to begin, here are some ideas that will allow you to leverage this social media site.

Marketing Your Food Business

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What is Pinterest?

Before we even talk about what you need to do to put up a strong Pinterest campaign for your food business, let’s take a quick look at what Pinterest is. Well, Pinterest is a virtual sharing board that allows you to share all the beautiful things you come across in the form of images. Most big brands are already pinning (from wedding planners to clothing stores and top-notch restaurants). With the site’s popularity having grown by a whopping 4,000%, there is absolutely no doubt that you can gain a lot from marketing your business here.

Some general benefits that come with Pinterest include:

*It reduces the number of steps required to convert a visitor into a buyer.

*It is a sure way to drive your conversion rates up

*It reduces sales cycles. This means more of your visitors are easily converted to paying buyers.

*It is a cheap way to drive traffic to your blog or site

*Pinterest pins include a link leading back to your blog. This could provide valuable inbound links.

Below are some tips on how to use Pinterest for your food business.

 (1)Create lots of interesting boards

Set up several Pinterest boards with unique categories so that your audience will be able to locate their favorites. For instance, you might have categories like beef, appetizers, desserts and cocktails. If you run a bakery, then you would perhaps want to have boards like breads, cakes and pies. You can create other boards as well: boards for events, personal interest etc would be pretty ideal. Don’t stop there though. Take some time to add some images that you love. Remember to write a brief description below the board. Let all the images you upload showcase a vision that tells volumes of stories about your business.


(2)Reach out to your audience

Uploading compelling images and arranging them in boards will not be sufficient to market your food business. You need to interact with your audience if you want to make the most of Pinterest. The best way to engage with your visitors is through comments. Keep inviting people to conversation and encourage them to comment. Also, promote contests that will get your audience spreading the good word of your business to the rest of your market. You might want to offer a gift card to whoever wins some small contests (for example finding a series of pre-determined pictures). That way you’ll gradually fuel a conversation around your boards – and this can be an effective launch-pad for your growth.

(3)Blog it

If you own a blog, then Pinterest is the best way to bring high quality traffic to it. When you upload images, Pinterest automatically links back to the blog where they came from. The whole point is to get high quality traffic to your blog where they can learn more about your business and possibly place an order. In that spirit, you want to encourage more and more of your visitors to pin your images. Be sure to use social sharing buttons to make it easy for everyone to spread the word. One more thing you should always do is to keep updating your boards with fresh and inviting content. Of course, you’ll need to have a high quality blog to complement the image you create for yourself on Pinterest.

(4)Follow other Pinners

Just the same way you expect somebody to visit your boards (and may be leave a comment), you need to visit other Pinners boards frequently. Because you are in the food industry, the best category of Pinners to follow would be: bakeries, caterers, local restaurants, and other businesses that are similar to yours. You may also follow celebrity chefs and brands that you frequently use in your business. Develop the habit of commenting and sharing other people’s images, and they’ll soon start doing the same for you.

As Pinterest grows exponentially so do your opportunities to grow your food business! So, why not Pin your business? Other businesses are already seeing the benefits of using this popular image-sharing platform.

Adam Evans is a blogger at He likes to write blogs for restaurant reviews, improve catering business and in his free time likes to try various food recipes.

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