gallbladder disease

Know about Gallbladder Disease: Overview, Types, and Diagnosis


The gallbladder is a small organ just below your liver on the right side of your abdominal region. It is a tiny sac filled with fluid and looks like a pear. This fluid inside the sac is called bile juice which helps in the digestion of food. It releases the bile in your small intestine, and the digestion happens in this part of your body. If any issue occurs in the gallbladder, it gets challenging to break the fat and digest the food. You should find a gastroenterologist in Pune through an online doctor appointment booking app in all these situations to seek advice.

But before you find the doctor and start with the diagnosis, it is better to have an idea about different ailments of the gallbladder. Knowing the basics of your condition, it will get easier for you to explain your situation to your doctor and get the apt suggestions.

Types of Gallbladder Disease


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It is the most common disease of the gallbladder. It happens when the accumulation of bile salts, calcium, or cholesterol in bile or your blood creates a stone-like substance. These stones then block the passage of the bile duct, causing immense pain. These stones can be as small as a grain or of the size of a golf ball. Moreover, they keep increasing in size, and the uneasiness they cause also gets worse.

Symptoms: acute pain in the right-hand side of the stomach that moves from your stomach to the back is the first symptom of gallstones. Some other signs are nausea immediately after eating something and the feeling of fullness.


The blockage of the bile duct caused by gallstones can lead to gallbladder swelling, termed as cholecystitis. The other reason for this gallbladder disease is the weaker immune system or the side effect of major surgery. This condition can be acute or chronic, depending upon its symptoms.

Symptoms: yellowing of the skin, nausea, and swelling on the abdomen are signs of acute cholecystitis. On the other hand, when it is chronic, it can even tear the gallbladder.

Biliary Dyskinesia

When your gallbladder is not working efficiently due to inflammation, it gives rise to the disease called Biliary Dyskinesia. As a result, it will not produce enough bile and will not help in breaking down the fat for digestion.

Symptoms: indigestion, bloating, and nausea are common symptoms. Additionally, if you experience pain immediately after eating something, it is a clear sign of biliary dyskinesia.

Gallbladder Cancer

It is a rare gallbladder disease that happens to 1 out of 1000 people. The cancer cells grow on the inner or outer walls of the gallbladder and damage it. The worst part about this disease is, it cannot get detected until its later stage. Moreover, when it gets too late to identify the cancer cell growth, other organs also start getting affected.

Symptoms: though the symptoms are similar to acute cholecystitis, sometimes you do not experience any symptoms. It is ideal never to take any symptoms lightly and get a timely body checkup done to rule out the existence of any cancer cells in your body.

Various other diseases arise in the gallbladder and affect human health in different ways.

Diagnosis of the gallbladder disease

If you experience any signs or symptoms of the diseases mentioned above, you need immediate medical help. The first step should be to switch to an online doctor appointment booking app and look for the best gastroenterologist in Pune. Book an online consultation with the best doctor and share all your concerns. If the doctor feels the need to do some tests, he will advise you for the same. Gallbladder diseases get detected through a blood test, ultrasound, or other imaging techniques. Your doctor will check the reports and break the news if you are suffering from a disease. After this, you can start your treatment. There is nothing to worry about, as most gallbladder diseases are curable. The only condition is, it gets detected at an early stage. Hence, do not ignore any signs or symptoms of something unusual happening with your body. Use different online doctor appointment booking apps to take immediate medical help and keep your body healthy and sound.

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