Hydrocele: Causes and Treatment


A hydrocele is the health condition in which male experiences are swelling in the scrotum. It happens as the sac gets filled with some fluid. They can be scary because the problem is visible, and also it affects a very sensitive part of the body. However, men often experience painless hydroceles. This condition sometimes improves without undergoing any treatment. However, if someone is experiencing swelling in the scrotum area, then he should immediately take the help of experienced doctors, for instance, Dr. Ashish Bhanot.


  • In newborn babies:
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Hydroceles generally affect newborn babies. While a fetus is developing inside the uterus, the testicles tend to go down from the abdomen to the scrotum. If the tract does not close, then fluids from the abdomen can fill the scrotum. Usually, this health condition goes away with time. However, a pediatric urologist must keep a close check on the baby as long as the condition prevails.

  • In adult men:

There are many reasons due to which an adult man can experience Hydroceles. He may suffer due to Hydroceles because of an injury, an infection, inflammation in the reproductive system, or maybe because of an obstruction in the scrotum or spermatic cord. According to recent research, just 1% of the adult male population suffers from the problem of Hydroceles. If you live in Delhi and are experiencing a Hydrocele problem, then you must look for painless Hydrocele treatment in Delhi. There are several clinics, like, Aum Clinics, and many more, which provides the perfect treatment for Hydroceles.

Treatment of Hydroceles:

The two types of treatment for Hydroceles are:

  • Hydrocelectomy: This surgery will help in repairing or removing Hydrocele. The use of anesthesia is a must in this process. One can go home within a few hours after the surgery.

To remove the Hydrocele surgically, experienced doctors, like Dr. Ashish Bhanot and many more, make a minute cut on the scrotum or abdomen. At the site of the incision, the application of a large dressing is essential. A patient may require to use a drainage tube for a few days after the operation.

Reputed clinics like Aum Clinics, advise a patient to take the help of a support strap for the scrotum. Also, it is essential to take a lot of rest after surgery.

  • Needle aspiration: For treating Hydroceles, doctors may take the help of long needle insertion. The needle helps in drawing out the fluid from the sac. In some cases, some medicine may also be injected into the pouch to prevent future recurrence of the condition. However, this process is a bit painful. One may experience temporary pain in the scrotum due to needle aspiration.

If you are suffering from Hydroceles, it is better to consult experts like Dr. Ashish Bhanot or other similar doctors. And if you want painless Hydrocele treatment in Delhi, Hydrocelectomy is the best procedure. The leading clinics of Delhi, like Aum Clinics and a lot more, will ensure that your experience remains painless.

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