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Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) Diet


HCG Diet

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone produced in females who are expecting. Work of this hormone is to release fats from fat storing cells. It also helps in stimulating metabolism for the fertilized embryo, implanted in womb. Besides curing sterility in women who come up with pregnancy issues; HCG is also considered to aid obesity. It is exclaimed that Human Chorionic Gonadotropin burns fats and it is a wonderful drug towards weight suppression.
In 1950s, while working on one of his patient, endocrinologist Dr. Albert T. Simeons observed that raised levels of HCG (through dosage) in patient caused weight loss. He exclaimed that HCG can be used to burn body fats especially, around abdomen and thighs. It was tentative back then. He kept experimenting dosage of HCG with different variety and limits of food intake. In 1967 he announced that HCG dosage, if taken along with very limited amount of calories, can be very helpful to obese people for effective weight loss. His work bore faced declination in upcoming years. After some decades, in 2007 Dr. Kewin revealed it that HCG dosage followed by HCG diet plan can work wonders.
Diet Plan:

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Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG)HCG dosage is considered almost useless if you do not follow HCG diet plan along. It is highly recommended to reduce diet to strict limit of calories. Calories limit also depends up on the course you are following. It varies from 500 till 1200 Kcal. Diet you take or anything that you eat; it should also be selective. It is emphasized that you take balance diet. You can only eat twice a day: One morning meal and one night meal. You have to give up on eating light between these two meals.
Here are is the list of things that can possibly be a part of your meal.
· You can’t eat much. The diet plan allows you take your meal twice a day only, lunch and dinner. Your diet needs to be all balanced; consisting of single piece of fruit, vegetable, protein and bread from the given below options.

· Boiled or grilled veal, chicken breast, beef, lobster, fresh white fish, crab, prawn or shrimp can be used. Visible fats should not be part of your diet. Any form of fish however it is cooked, it’s just cannot be consumed.

· Vegetables can be chosen from the following. Peas, lattice, green vegetables, beet root, onions, tomatoes etc.

· As an option for bread in your meal, one toast of Melba bread is allowed or either one piece of breadstick can be used.

· For fruit, you can choose an apple, an orange, half of a grape fruit or a hand full of strawberries. There is no restriction on the amount of water, coffee or tea used. For milk, only one table spoon is allowed per day.

· Sugar directly cannot be taken you can go on without it or you can use sugary substitutes.

· No oils, butter or saturated fats are allowed.

HCG Drops are just a way you take your dose. Instructions say that you need to take 15 drops thrice a day. You have to take your dose 15 minutes before you eat anything like chewing gum or candy etc. These drops are taken orally. Some of them are under tongue drops. Currently, there are many companies offering HCG Drops. Price and quality varies from brand to brand. Doctors suggest buying from one that is authorized under FDA. Make sure you choose the best hcg drops so you don’t have any side effects

Here are some instructions you have to follow along with HCG dosage.
· Drink a lot of water. At least your water intake should be 2 liters.

· Drink more water in morning and less in evening, especially after 7pm reduce your drinking amount.

· Avoid chewing gums with mint flavor. Only use those bubble gums that have xylitol.

· You can also break down your diet in to three small meals.

· Some exercise should also be a part of your daily routine.

· Avoid use of too much salt, too much red meat or tomatoes in your meal

· Green tea is also a good option to reduce bulk fats in your body.

HCG diet and Nutritionists:
Some diet experts state that it is not the HCG dosage that helps you lose weight but the HCG diet. Drastic drop down in the amount of calories will obviously burn your fats; ultimately putting you in shape. But they also say that HCG diet is strictly against healthy eating. Your body loses energy: making you liable to weakness and diseases. In short they discourage the follow up of HCG diet plan.
Advantages and disadvantages:
Here are some advantages from the users about HCG drops.

· It increases rate of metabolism.

· Effective weight loss (1-2 pounds on daily basis).

· Reduced cravings

· Reduced intake of fats.

Given below are some drawbacks of HCG drops.

· Dizziness

· Headache

· Constipation

· Depression

· Hair thinning

· Cramps and fatigue

· Weakness and insomnia

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