How to wash your hands.

How to wash your hands.

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Just as the name suggests, hand washing is the washing of hands, it is hand hygiene. We wash our hands to clean them away from dirt that we may see, and even that which we don’t see. Hand washing is recommended every time one comes across water and soap. Just make use of that chance to wash your hands. From lower classes, children are taught on how to wash their hands and it becomes a habit which is good. Wash your hands every time you are from the toilet, before going to eat, after playing and also after greeting people. In the new world, where Corona virus has now become the talk of everywhere, hand washing has become very important. This is because it is one of the preventive measures to avoid contacting of the virus.

WHO, the World Health Organization has hence come up with some basic steps on how we are supposed to wash our hands. Before we get to that, it is good to note that in order to kill the germs and viruses in our hands; we not only need to wash them with water but with soap. The water is also supposed to be running from a tap or any other source, where the dirt will not be in circulation. A sanitizer can also be used in situations where water is not around. It is recommended that you take a minimum of 20seconds washing hands, it should be fun.
The first step is to wet your hands with water, then you apply soap and rub it vigorously against your both hands. Place your right palm over the left dorsum and rub the area with interlaced fingers and vice versa. Rub them palm to palm with the fingers interlaced, get to the thumbs and make sure that you scrub all surfaces. Rinse your hands properly and then dry them with a towel or a tissue and close the tap using the tissue.

When and How to Wash Your Hands | Handwashing | CDC

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With the current situation where corona virus is at hand, hand washing is recommended in many circumstances. Some of these are, before eating or putting anything in the mouth, after touching animals, garbage or getting in touch with the sick.Alternatively, if you choose to use a hand sanitizer, ensure that it has an alcohol percentage of 60, because this kills the virus. There are apps which are designed to assist one was the hands regularly. Hand washing prevents infections and it becomes rare to contact respiratory diseases like influenza, common cold and also cholera. The reason why we are told to wash our hands to avoid getting the corona virus is because, the virus remains in our palms when we touch an infected surface. The virus then, once in the hands, moves to your respiratory system by you touching the nose, mouth or ears.

In conclusion, our hands need to be kept clean, we need to maintain our hands cleanliness, ensure that they are hygienic. In most of the cases, it is from eating with dirty hands that make us contract diseases. We need to be careful to ensure that we maintain our hands cleanliness. Wash your hands with running water and a soap, or use an alcohol based sanitizer.