How to make yummy Corn Soup with eggs


How to make yummy Corn Soup with eggs

When it comes to healthy food, several types of soup come into mind. Some people opt for a chicken broth soup while others go for alternate forms of protein like fish, egg, and meat. Soup can be taken in breakfast as well as lunch and dinner. It is usually taken before the main course and is commonly served with crackers. Among several other types of soup, corn soup is the most famous. 

Corn soup is referred to as “corn stew” in Chinese and is made in chicken broth which is rich and healthy. This soup is easy to cook and it is conveniently available in restaurants across the globe. If you’re a sushi lover, your favorite sushi delivery service must be having delicious corn soup on their menu as well. Corn soup comes with a bundle of health benefits. People who are on a keto diet can easily include corn soup on their menu. 

If you are a vegetarian, you can also make your version of corn soup. Some people are not fond of eating chicken and they prefer making an eggcorn soup. Though the original recipe of a corn soup comes with chicken which is boiled and added in shredded form, eggcorn soup also has great taste and health benefits. 

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Benefits of corn soup with egg  

  • Some chefs use both chicken and eggs for making corn soup. However, you can use either of the two, whichever you prefer. The egg is one of the healthiest food as it provides us a good amount of protein, vitamins, and other nutrients. The health benefits of eggs make them an ideal choice for a ketogenic diet. Not only this, but eggs can also keep us full for a few hours. Thus, people who are on a diet can have a healthy and filling meal with corn soup. 


  • Corn soup is made from sweet corn which has several health benefits. It has a whole bunch of antioxidants that prevent aging and helps in maintaining healthy skin. It also helps in making your skin smooth and shiny. Besides this, corn has loads of health benefits and is a great snack that provides nutrition as well. This is the reason why athletes have a habit of consuming corn either directly or through corn soup. 


  • Corn soup is an ideal way of consuming the veggies which you cannot eat raw. You can add any veggies of your choice in the soup to fulfill your recommended intake of vitamins and nutrients. 


  • Corn soup is also great for patients of high cholesterol as sweet corn has the property of absorbing the bad cholesterol. Thus, patients of cardiovascular disease can consume this soup regularly to improve their heart health. 

How to make yummy Corn Soup with eggs

  • Many pediatricians recommend sweet corn to children because of its property of increasing vision. Sweet corn is loaded with vitamin A that can improve vision. Some children resist eating corn directly and love to have a delicious bowl of soup instead. Make this yummy corn soup with eggs for your children. This healthy snack will provide them good nutrition besides increasing their brainpower and vision. 

Let us now see how we can make this yummy corn soup with eggs at home. Since it is an egg-based version and chicken broth will not be used in it, we can use the canned juice that comes along with the corn. When you open the can of corn, do not discard the juice. Keep half of it as it is and blend half of your corn a little in the remaining juice. This way of using corn juice tastes better in an eggcorn soup rather than using plain water which gives a bland taste. 

Chicken broth is not used because of the vegetarian version of this soup. However, if you are OK with the chicken stock, you can replace the corn juice with chicken stock. 

You will not need a lot of ingredients since corn soup is simple to make. The ingredients are listed below: 


¾ liter clean water 

½ can of corn juice 

1 teaspoon salt 

1/4th teaspoon sugar

1 can of sweet corn 

2 large eggs 

1 tablespoon of cornstarch 

2-3 tablespoons of sesame oil 

1 spring onion 

1/4th teaspoon salt ( to be mixed with eggs)



  1. Open the can of corn and mix half of the corn with 3/4 liter of water. In a food processor, blend the corn with water to make the basic sauce of corn soup. Also, add the corn juice into it before blending. 
  2. Chop the remaining corns in medium chunks. 
  3. Now bring the juice to boil and then add the corns into it. Let it cook for 3-4 minutes until the corns become a little soft. Also, add salt and sugar at this stage. 
  4. Now break the eggs, whisk them and add 1/4th teaspoon of salt. 
  5. Add the eggs and keep stirring with the spoon in one direction. 
  6. Now dissolve the cornstarch with a tablespoon of water until a smooth mixture is formed. Add this liquid into the soup and keep stirring. Cook for another 3 minutes or until the desired consistency is achieved. 
  7. Garnish the soup with spring onions. 
  8. Enjoy it hot and serve crackers with it if you wish. 


Tips and Tricks 

  • Beat the eggs well and keep stirring while adding them in your soup. Proper stirring will help prevent the formation of thick lumps. 
  • Add more eggs if desired. 
  • You can also serve this soup with boiled eggs in the winter season. 
  • Never add cornstarch directly into your soup. It will ruin your soup as lumps will be formed. Always dissolve it in a separate bowl before adding it into your soup. 

So, the next time you want to greet your guests with something healthy, make this eggcorn soup for them. This soup is widely taken in the winter season but can also be taken in summers. Unlike other snacks that aid in gaining weight, this corn soup made with healthy eggs and delicious corn is an ideal replacement.