How to Keep Your Staff Healthy in the Workplace



How to Keep Your Staff Healthy in the Workplace

No matter if you’re working from home, if you own a startup, or you work at a huge corporation, you probably spend a significant portion of your time at work. This is one of the reasons why you should take extra precautions in order to stay healthy while you’re there. Not only will you keep your own health, but you’ll also help protect your coworkers. Staying organized is the key, but there is more than a god organizing skills when it comes to health concerns. It’s not a secret that a healthy working environment also makes the team more productive, so let’s see what you can do to improve your office.


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How to Keep Your Staff Healthy in the Workplace

Divide work and chill zones

First things first – try to make your office tidier by maximizing the potential of your workspace. Every little thing should have its rightful place, and if you start piling dirty cups in the hallways and leaving garbage in the open, it will make the air smell foul. Keep your desks as clean as possible by moving more things to cabinets and shelves. Make sure that all working equipment and supplies are located in a proper place where they belong – you don’t want dangerous chemicals out in the open! When it comes to chill zones, make it a place that people will be able to relax – keep a bowl of fresh fruit there and encourage people to eat more healthy treats rather than sweets and processed foods.

Use a one year declutter rule

While some people can easily work in a messy office, others will appreciate order and harmony. When classifying items, you should go through things you’ve barely used during the year. If you didn’t need them for a year, it’s possible that you won’t need them anytime soon either. You should declutter every year, but you should archive your documents and relocate them so that your office space isn’t wasted. When it comes to more regular decluttering sessions, you can do it yourself, but it’s best if you hire reliable office cleaners too. Not only will professionals be able to keep your office neat, but you will also know that it’s been thoroughly cleaned as well.

Give them healthy alternatives

The best way to promote a healthy lifestyle is by giving a good example and giving people a chance to change their unhealthy habits for healthy ones. Instead of processed white sugar, keep a bowl with brown sugar instead, or even a jar of organic hone. Always have fresh fruit and vegetables in the kitchen, and encourage them to drink fewer sugary sodas.

Encourage exercise and out of office gatherings

Help your staff to get to know each other a bit better and to make stronger personal connections by arranging teambuilding trips and events. You can encourage people to be more physically active by taking them out to laser tag or a paintball session, but why to stop there – offer them free gym (or give them a discount for one), yoga classes or take them bowling. This will help them get rid of all the bad energy and stress and allow them to relax and unwind. You could also reward good performance by throwing parties or organizing casual barbecues and gatherings, and people will appreciate that.

Being healthy is imperative at all times, but when you’re an employer, you will care about the health of many people. Keeping your workplace healthy will ensure that everyone is doing their best at all times, but you will also be known as the employer who cares about other people’s wellbeing. Not only will this result in fewer sick leaves and better performance in the office, but people will also feel good knowing that you care about their health.

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