How to Get Rid of Allergies (Without Medicines)


If you are like me, allergies plague your very existence. The arrival of spring is like the coming of hell itself, as we try everything we can to stem the tide of mucus flowing from our noses, and make absolute positive our eyes at least resemble their natural color. For the most part, I support allergy medication as a solution to this problem; however, medicine can get expensive, and even when you can afford it, it sometimes doesn’t work completely. Oftentimes, the only way to completely get rid of your allergies is by making an allergy free environment. So, to help you with that, here are a few tips on getting rid of allergies, without the use of medicine.

1. Get Hypoallergenic Pets

How to Get Rid of Allergies

For all you pet lovers out there, it can be exceedingly disheartening when you find out you have a pet allergy. All sorts of questions pop into your head, like “do I have to get rid of her? How do I cope? What can I do?” And, unfortunately, there’s not a lot you can do; but, there is one solution that nearly always works, and that is hypoallergenic pets. You see, purebred animals normally do not grow actual fur, which produces the allergens that cause pet allergies. Instead, they grow a fine hair, which is hypoallergenic and much smoother than normal animal hair. Thus, even those with the worst pet allergies can live with these types of animals with no problem at all! The only drawback is that purebred animals are very expensive, so keep that in mind before you run off to the pet store.

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2. Clean your Clothes Regularly

You’ve probably heard this one multiple times, but cleaning your clothes can go a long way towards at least helping with your allergies. Throughout the day, pollen, dander, and more all attach itself to your clothes (while ravaging your sinuses), creating a ticking time bomb the longer you go without cleaning or changing. Thus, at the end of the day, even the slightest movement or brush against your clothes can release a cloud of allergens, setting off your allergies and making your day that much worse. The key to ensuring this doesn’t happen is cleaning (or changing) your clothes as often as is practical, while using heavy duty, hypoallergenic detergent during your washes. Though it won’t make your allergies completely go away, it is certainly a good start at least.

3. Neti Pots

I guess this is kind of cheating, but I don’t really consider Neti Pots a medicine, so I’ll include it here. Neti Pots, in my opinion, are a god send for the allergy sufferer. They help immensely with nasal congestion, and can help clean out all your nasal passages, rendering them allergen free. A quick word of warning, however; Neti Pots must be used the correct way, else you can hurt yourself (or worse). Be careful when you use a Neti Pot, and make sure that you read and follow the directions carefully. They normally are completely harmless, but, as with most medicines, wrong use can cause issues down the line.

4. Clean your Home

This one is probably the most important on the list, and should be taken extremely seriously. Our homes, without a doubt, are gigantic allergy traps. With carpet, couches, dust traps, and worse lurking throughout the home, it’s easy for the air inside to become infested with allergens that won’t go away even with the best allergy medication. This is precisely why you need to keep your house clean as much as possible. Vacuum every square foot of your home, and dust as you go along. Make sure each and every one of your AC filters are changed, and do your best to address every possible source of allergens in your home. You might even want to get an air purifier, just in case!

Overall, just make absolute positive that your home is free of allergens as much as possible, so your sinuses can take a break; you’ll be happy you did!

Tyler Fleck is a multi-purpose blogger writing for ENT Allergy Specialists. Check out their site for if you need a snoring doctor in Philadelphia, or if you need more information about kicking your allergies. Thanks for reading! 

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