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How to Deal With the Stress of Bad Results in Government Exams?


Lakhs of candidates appear for government exams with the aim to secure a prestigious and high paying job. A government exam can make the difference in preserving an opportunity and jeopardize your career. Everyone appears for the exam with the intention to crack it. However, there are some candidates who are unable to clear the government exam in the first attempt. No doubt, it is a disheartening moment for candidates when they are not able to reap the fruits of their hard work. It is important for candidates to bounce back from their failure and start preparing for another attempt. For sure, they need courage and a positive attitude to start their preparations again. You’ll read some effective tips in this article that can help you overcome the stress of bad results in government exams. 

 Be it banking exams or SSC exams, candidates are already suffering     from exam fever. The situation gets worse if they face failure.  Candidates need not stop pondering over bad results and keep in mind that there is always a way to reverse the game.

Read below some helpful tips to deal with bad result or marks in the government exams:

If you are preparing for the SSC CGL 2021, keep your spirit high by following the suggestions given in this article. Never let failures shake your determination to reach your desirable goals. 

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  • Scrutinize reasons for your failure

Instead of feeling depressed after facing failure, you can analyze your performance. See where you made the mistakes and alter your study plan accordingly. You can seek advice from candidates who have cleared the exam. Also, make sure you are not repeating the mistakes you did before. Remember the same routine can never give you different results. So, make changes wherever required.

  • Change your perspective 

Avoid self-loathing after facing failure in the exam. Instead, make yourself believe that you’ll work harder. While preparing for the next attempt, study with more dedication. Also, work on mistakes that you made during the previous attempt. Here are some of the common mistakes that candidates make:

  • Poor time table
  • Falling prey to distractions
  • Procrastination 
  • Cramming concepts instead of understanding the basics.
  • Not practicing enough questions.

Identify your mistakes and try to improve them. For sure, it can help you crack the exam in your next attempt. 

  • Ingrain optimistic attitude

Many candidates start feeling negative after facing failure in the exam. Some quit the idea of preparing for government exams. Failing once doesn’t imply that you’ll fail every time. If you will make sincere efforts to prepare for the exam, for sure you’ll be able to crack the exam. Here are some of the magical ways through which you can encourage yourself to prepare for the exam:

  • Read biographies of successful people. You’ll get to know how successful people deal with harsh situations. Their tactics can help you overcome exam failure and prepare effectively for the exam. 
  • Watch motivational movies or web series. 
  • Practice gratitude 
  • Avoid naysayers and pessimists.

Positive attitude can solve half of your problems. So, follow a foolproof study plan to clear the government exam. 

  • Stop being anxious about future

Stop worrying about the future. Focus on the present and pour hard efforts while preparing for the exam. Feeling anxious continuously can reduce your productivity to prepare for the exam. Are you stressed after facing failure? If yes, then talk about it with your closed ones. This way you will feel light and calm. Also, it can boost confidence in you to prepare for the exam once again. We would suggest you to not get affected by the failures you faced in the past. You can always improve yourself and make a solid comeback.

  • Alter your exam strategy

Note that you failed because your previous strategy didn’t work well. So, this time you need to make a different strategy for exam preparation. Try to work hard on tough topics. Also, keep on revising topics you know well. This time don’t leave any topic while preparing for the exam. Follow the given tips to keep craft exam strategy:

  • Cover all the hard concepts at first. Keep easy concepts to be covered at the end. 
  • Study continuously for an hour then take a short break. Don’t stretch your short break beyond 15 minutes. 
  • Prepare notes of every subject
  • Revise daily
  • Solve every type of questions

Before appearing in the exam, you need to practice every type of question. It can aid in improving your overall score in the exam. Solving mock tests can help you ace every type of question. These are sample papers that are designed as per actual exam criteria. It is advisable to solve online mock tests. You can easily replicate the experience of the actual exam this way. So, try to spare at least 1 hour in a day to practice mock tests.

  • Practice mindfulness

Fear of failure makes you feel worried and anxious. But, it is essential to banish negative thoughts while preparing for the government exam. Let us tell you that mindfulness is the best way to calm your nerves and feel positive. Here are some of the excellent ways to practice mindfulness:

  • Meditate everyday for at least 10 minutes.
  • Practice yoga 
  • Go for a walk in a park. 

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Don’t forget, failure is not the end of everything. Facing failure in the exam doesn’t mean you are not intelligent or capable of appearing for the exam. Perceive your failure as a step towards success. So, gather confidence and strength to prepare for the exam and do wonders in your next attempt. 

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