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Originally posted on January 31, 2021 @ 10:58 pm


With the changing society, technology and mentality of people, the lifestyle of people is changing dramatically. Today, people lack time to think about their personal health. They aren’t able to find time for some exercise or prepare a healthy diet at their home.

Often people opt for fast foods that they get from some Chinese corner or pizza hut at their way to office. All this and the sedentary lifestyle that they follow has lead to degradation of human health. It has become important to understand the need of a healthy lifestyle. Here are some food fact and advice that might prove helpful to you.

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Healthy eating lifestyles or healthy living plan-Include beetroot in your food. You can have it as salad or can add in some dish. It might sound strange for some of you but beetroot is good for blood pressure patients. A recent research has proven that drinking 500ml of beetroot juice can dramatically reduce your blood pressure within half an hour. Switch off that “BOX” and do something healthy.

Confused! I am talking about your television. As per estimation, a person spends about 7 years of his life, sitting in front of the TV and giving a wholehearted dedication to the box. So, next time you say that you don’t get time for gym or to cook some fresh food in the kitchen, go for a second thought.

It might be a good habit to finish the cookies tin before buying something for the kitchen. This was however from a personal finance aware person. But we are more concerned about health. Avoid any such food like cookies and chocolates and have healthy food instead of them.

Go! Hug your partner now. A research has proved that hugging your partner for 30 seconds strengthens the heart and lowers your blood pressure. A peaceful environment also does some similar and relieves the family members from stress. It is a result of some hormonal change and brings positive effect on your body. Salt is not good for health and even government has come up with a level of 6g a day as advised amount of salt to be had in a day.

No need to mention, people rarely go out in the sun. Spend some time in sun relaxing at some beach or so. Sunrays help your skin in producing Vitamin D. Vitamin D is an essential vitamin and has been observed to treat diseases like depression, heart diseases, osteoporosis and some types of cancer too.

Fruits and vegetables are always considered as healthy for every person. Just try to add a fruit or some vegetables salad in your food apart from what you eat throughout the day. Avoid smoking and drink sensibly. Exercise regularly as exercising is the second best thing that you can do to stay healthy. Laughter is a priceless medicine and you get it free of cost. Eat, sleep and be merry is an old proverb and still goes well.

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