Getting Rid Of Yellow Teeth With These Simple And Handy Tips

Getting Rid of Yellow Teeth With These Simple and Handy Tips

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Simple and Handy Tips for Getting Rid of Yellow Teeth?

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Nowadays, having white and sparkling teeth is everybody’s desire. However, getting rid of yellow teeth is becoming simple with these handy tips that will be shown in this article. Many people spent a lot of money on expensive teeth whitener products but it didn’t work. Therefore, natural ingredients can be effective in getting rid of yellow teeth.

Before going through the article, please notice that medical procedures, expensive products could irritate your teeth, make them more sensitive. It takes time for natural treatment to work, but it totally worth trying.

Following are some simple and handy tips for getting rid of yellow teeth

1. Water 

Simple and Handy Tips for Getting Rid of Yellow Teeth

Water is essential because it boosts your hydration system, flushes out the contaminants in your body.

By drinking 2 liters of water everyday would benefit your teeth and overall health.

2. Brush Your Teeth Very Often


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After every big meal or when you digest any kind of desserts and snacks, brushing your teeth is very important. In case you don’t feel like brushing your teeth in a hurry or simply that you don’t have time, rinse your mouth with fresh water, Listerine. Add to your bag a mini pocket size mouthwashes or teeth wipes will be great choice.

3. Consume Sugar-Free Chewing Gums

To attain the best result for whitening yellow teeth, chew sugar-free chewing gums.

4. Foods To Avoid 


Avoid such foods as tea, coffee, citric fruits, soda, varieties of berries, soft drinks like cola, soy sauce, curries, ketchups, red wine, sport drinks, candy, popsicles, sugary sweets because these products will stain your teeth and tongue if you cannot simply wash your mouth or brush your teeth after digesting them.

Besides those simple, basic and handy tips above, you can take more action by using specific home remedies to get the best result.

1. Activated charcoal helps to get rid of yellow teeth

In the ancient periods, people used charcoal to whiten their teeth as its crystals could remove impurities and bacteria from the water.

You need to purchase activated charcoal capsules in local market or in superstore then grind it finely. It would be better If you found charcoal powder.

How to apply:

– Mix charcoal powder/ finely grinded charcoal capsules with either plain water or lemon juice,

– Brush your teeth with the mixture every day or you can divide it into 3 – 4 times per week for 2 minutes to polish your teeth naturally.

2. Baking Soda

In order to get rid of yellow teeth, baking soda is a handy tip.
Getting Rid of Yellow Teeth
Baking soda is not only beneficial in getting rid of all odors but it also helps whiten your teeth without spending much effort. A few people take advantage of baking soda as toothpaste thanks to the fact that it’s free from any chemical, it also effortlessly polishes every corner of your mouth. Moreover, it’s probably the cheapest whitening product.How to apply:

– Mix one tablespoon of baking soda well with a few drops of water
– Add some salt for better result.
– Apply this paste to brush your teeth gently.

 While brushing your teeth, you may notice a bad scent but it’s absolutely normal, you should re-brush your teeth with minty toothpaste.

Note that to actually get rid of yellow teeth, use this method twice per week.

Do not overcharge it for more than 2 times a week because baking soda could weaken your enamel for daily uses.

Salty salt is simple and beneficial remedy to treat yellow teeth

3. Salt 

Salt is used in every household daily. Salt is perfect for dental washing as it aids in restoring the mineral that lost in your teeth, it also plays an important role in achieving white teeth and killing bacteria. But notice that do not rub salt too fast on your teeth or it could be very dangerous as for your enamel and delicate gums.

How to apply:

– Take half tablespoon of salt and stir well with a little bit of water.
– Gently brush your teeth with this mixture then re-brush your teeth with your regular toothpaste.

Or you can mix baking soda, lemon juice with salt. Three amazing ingredients are useful to get rid of yellow teeth.

Note that do not overuse this mixture, keep it effective by using it under twice per week.

Also, if you are contracting dry socket symptoms, saline water rise is one of the best treatments.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a strong fighter in getting rid of yellow teeth.

As your teeth get yellow and stain due to drinking too much tea and coffee, apple cider vinegar is your saver. Thanks to its acidic component in nature, apple cider vinegar helps flushing out all the dirt and toxic stuck in your teeth. Moreover, it kills bacteria, which are detrimental to our teeth. It also clears out all teeth problems. Apple cider vinegar is taken charge in many beauty products as it gives many incredible uses for your hair and skin.

How to apply:

– Gargle your mouth with equal parts of both water and apple cider vinegar.
– Remember to dilute this liquid wisely with water before charging because of its strong flavor.
– Leave the liquid to stay in your mouth for one minute.
– Rinse your mouth off with water then brush it thoroughly to get the effectiveness of removing yellow teeth.

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