There are many issues that most students may be faced with and among these issues are matters of mental health. Due to more expectations that students have, they maysuffer stress and sometimes depression. These expectations are placed on students by the society and parents. Stress and depression are among the many health issues linked to mental nature students may face. Anxiety due to examinations and tasks is common also. The type of food and the diet of students suffering these conditions or others should be special in a way. This is because the attention to the quality and the variety of food should be observed keenly in the efforts to improve or better the mental health. Nutritional status of food is critical to mental health fitness and health of a person. The following foods will help in students who are battling mental health issues.

Fluid intake

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The range of issues of the mental nature is wide. Some may suffer stress. Others may suffer depression while other students may suffer from both stress and depression. Otherconditions that students experience that are of mental health nature are anxiety and the bipolar disorder. Fluids intake is part of the diet and should be emphasized. Follow-up should be done if necessary. These students should take fresh water more regularly. Fluid intake in good and sufficient amounts is essential and critical for improvement ofmental health of the students. It ensures that dehydration problems are taken away. Fluid regulation is maintained. This way the feelings and moods of the students may not beaffected by the effects of dehydration in the body. Water and fruit juices should regularly be taken in the day. Sleeplessness can be avoided this way, together with irritability.

Fish intake and Sea Foods
Fishes and other sea foods including the salmon are very critical and significant in improving the mental health. The students with mental conditions should be encouraged tofeed on fish and other sea foods. The sea foods are known for the richness of omega 3 fatty acids. They help and aid in the reduction of symptoms that have been associatedwith problems of mental nature for example depression. This way, symptoms like irritability are suppressed in the individuals mind. One can thus deal with stressful conditionsin ways that are better. Stress therefore gets or becomes manageable. The strain is also reduced as one feels stronger.

Fruits and Vegetables
Students who suffer conditions of mental nature, for example stress, depression and anxiety should always take more fruits and vegetables. These should be added orincluded in the diet every time the students have meals. The fruits and vegetables increase the levels and amounts of foliates. This helps in reduction of sleeplessness orinsomnia for the students. The vegetables are also known to play a role in suppressing depression and anxiety levels.

Whole Grains
The brain of the students may be sometimes overworked. This is one of those factors that contribute to the poor mental health of these students. In the diet, students shouldhave enough whole grains because they provide energy for the brain as they contain carbohydrates. The carbohydrates enhance the moods of the individual. The student tendsto feel fuller and can handle assignments and tasks. The students may not need to strain after taking whole grains in good amounts.

Lean Proteins
The diet of the students who have these conditions of mental nature should be rich in the lean proteins. Some eggs, beans, turkey and chicken should be interchanged in thediet of these students. These lean proteins are essential for enhancing body building. The intake of these proteins is critical and vital to the mental health of the students. Theyhave the role of influencing moods of the students by reducing the symptoms that are associated with conditions of depression and even anxiety. The other function they play is in improvement of the cognitive functions of the brain.

Yoghurt and Active Cultures

Students suffering from such conditions as stress, anxiety, depression or even insomnia, should be advised to take yoghurt and other foods that have healthy bacteria. Thesefoods include kefir and tempeh. The healthy bacteria in the foods are important in the mental health of an individual. They should however not be taken in excess. They shouldbe taken in bits and together with other foods.

Students may suffer conditions of mental health. The diet of the students is important and should be looked at carefully. They may suffer stress as they strain in tasks andassignments. Feeding students with the right diets that will aid their mental health and also improve it is important. The mental health of the students may be (to some extent) determined by the quality of nutrients present in the diet.

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