Food grade freight transportation simplified


Food grade transportation services and more

If your company is in need of milk transport services and other liquid bulk freight transportation services, All-Freight Logistics Management has the solution for you. They specialize in logistics management services for milk, bulk liquid, and other types of food freight transportation. Their food freight transportation trucks and other cargo vehicles will provide transportation services for your food products efficiently, timely, and at a low cost to your business or customers. All-Freight Logistics Management services will ensure prompt delivery of your food products and bulk liquid products securely and safely to your specified destination.

Years of food freight transportation industry experience

All-Freight Logistics Management has been providing food freight and bulk liquid transportation for many years and has a long-standing strong reputation of milk, food, and liquid bulk product transportation experience and knowledge which date back to the 1970s when the company started out transporting milk products and other fresh food from farms and dairy locations nationwide.

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Ensuring safe and secure delivery of your food products

All Freight works with a network of many companies to ensure your food and bulk liquid products arrive safely and securely to the destination specified. They employ licensed freight truck drivers and operators who are experienced and can handle any problems that may arise. They also provide cost efficient food freight transportation services for companies as well as efficient, timely deliveries to fit your company’s budget.

Additional Services Offered

Although All Freight food transportation services started out transporting milk products, they can also transport a variety of other products as well. In addition to food transportation services, they provide a drop yard for charging trailers and other equipment which is conveniently located behind their office facility to accommodate freight transportation trucks and other transportation vehicles. They are a full-service food freight transportation services company ready to handle all of your milk and bulk liquid food product freight and cargo deliveries.

Milk transportation companies

Milk transportation companies may sound like a thing of the past but that is simply not true. Milk transportation companies can now transport a variety of food products and bulk liquid products today. They are a third-party logistics management company which can connect you with services needed for all of your milk, food products, and other bulk liquid food item deliveries efficiently, safely, and on time.

Family owned and operated

All Freight is and has always been family owned and operated and they have generations of experience and industry knowledge which help them to remain one of the most reliable freight management logistics companies in their industry. In addition to being family owned, they also employ experienced business managers and industry technicians to ensure the company operates their freight and cargo transport trucks and transportation vehicles with the most updated technology and advanced business and computer systems and services available to ensure high-quality food product freight transportation services.

Milk transportation companies are here to stay

Milk transportation companies may have started by providing fresh milk and bulk liquid transportation logistics management services, but they will remain an industry which will continue to grow and change to accommodate the needs of the new and modern economy. They will make the necessary transitions to continue providing milk and bulk liquid transportation services and continue to remain a relevant part of today’s busy commerce providing food freight and cargo transport services. They will do this by continuing to stay relevant to their current business industry needs as well as incorporating new ideas and technology to ensure quality freight management logistics services now in the future for many years to come. Visit for more information.


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