Eight Surprising Signs That You Are Stressed – How To Identify Them


Originally posted on December 31, 2020 @ 7:35 pm

Are you stressed out and don’t even know it?
You already have a busy daily routine. In addition there’s a full schedule of other activities you’re involved in…In other words, you are stressed. In the long run, the accumulative effects of this chronic stress will cause you health problems long after you’ve forgotten the cause. Worse, in the short run, the next few weeks of maximum intensity stress will cause you immediate harm.
This is the time when people forget to have regular meals with good quality food. Instead, they are constantly distracted and nervous. There is too much to do, so they forget little things like where they left the keys, or the kids.
These are genuine indicators that you are stressed and they are easy to recognize. However, here are eight other signs of stress that are not so obvious.
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1. Muscle pain and stiffness
When our lives are stressful, it shows in our sleep patterns. We will clench and strain our muscles while we’re asleep. This causes muscle spasms and cramps. Often, when people are stressed, they will dream of having a massage or relaxing in a remote oasis spa. These dreams are an attempt to escape from their reality.
2. Facial Twitches
Speaking of cramps, do you sometimes get a nervous facial twitch on your cheek or near your eye? Perhaps stress is to blame. Although there is no medical evidence, it seems that many people, who complain of facial twitching also say they are tired or stressed.

3. Dental Problems
Stress causes people to grind their teeth, not only when they’re asleep but also during the day. Sometimes they don’t know that they are clenching their jaws and grinding their teeth. Both these actions can cause facial pain and dental problems. Your dentist can tell you if you have visible damage to the teeth and will advise you on how to prevent further wear.
4. Changes in the menstrual cycle
For some women, stress can cause their menstrual cycle to happen twice a month or even to disappear completely. Other women may still have a regular cycle, but stress will make it more painful and their premenstrual syndrome (PMS) to be far more acute and severe.
5. Hair loss and greying of hair
Youve probably heard the expressions “pure fright made his hair turn white” or “the weight of his problems made his hair turn grey”. Well, these are not just old wives tales, they are true. When we are chronically stressed, our production of melatonin is reduced. This makes our hair turn grey. Also, when we are stressed our white blood cells attack the hair follicles. This makes our hair fall out. Some people are already genetically predisposed to early greying. Even so, traumatic events and periods of stress can accelerate the process.
6. Strange and recurring dreams
Sometimes the stress in our day follows us to bed at night. You might not be aware of it, but if you keep on having strange or frightening dreams, then maybe you are reliving the stressful events of the day and still trying to fix those stressful problems instead of having a peaceful night’s rest. These dreams can help you identify your problems and remind you what made you feel a certain way.
7. Stomach problems
Stress can completely upset the functioning of your stomach, so that either it keeps you in the toilet for far too long or it gives you chronic constipation. The relationship between stress and stomach problems is not fully understood, but it is certain that stressed out people tend to have more sensitive tummies.
8. Sinusitis and prolonged colds
Stress lowers the immune system, leaving us at risk of frequent colds, flu and viral diseases. One study found that people with high levels of stress are twice as likely to fall sick. So, if you’ve had a runny nose for weeks, maybe you’re stressed.
As a final thought, you should note that chronic stress increases the risk for many health problems, including high blood pressure, heart attacks, stroke, and depression. Use these unusual signs of stress to identify the problem before it has accelerated: it’s not hard to reverse the process, once you’ve recognized it!
Bio: Ashton is a life coach, helping people find and implement practical, effective ways for improving their life, reaching their goals, and feeling good all the time!

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