Does Yoga Make You Fly

Does Acro Yoga Make You Fly?

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Acro Yoga, as the name suggests, is a form of yoga that focuses on intense workouts and trust-building. Acro yoga is a combination of yoga and acrobatics that resembles gymnastics. It differs from gymnastics in the way that it requires two people to perform the postures. The involvement of two aids in trust building and helps in performing harder exercises. Also, Acro yoga is more social than a solo yoga session. It helps partners know their strengths and weaknesses and get past the

These exercises also help strengthen and stretch using your own body’s weight. Acro Yoga poses to bring more strength to your body. With enough practice and training, even the newbies can master the art of Acroyoga. And if you hold the perception that it is not something that’s meant for you, then think again. Because you might end up changing your thoughts.

The act of AcroYoga has two sections, Acrobatic (Solar) and Therapeutic (Lunar). Every side investigates the relationship between the mover and those being moved. In the element Solar practice, members learn three unique parts: Base (mover), Flyer (being moved), and Spotter (information of both). Lunar theraputics grasps the profoundly mending association with metta—cherishing generosity. Here, the Giver is the mover, and the Receiver is the one being moved. Adjust is the midpoint between extremes, so it’s best to explore this practice from all sides to know where your true passion genuinely lies.

Acro Yoga

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Want to start your own AcroYoga practice? You don’t have to be a gymnast or acrobat to make it happen! As a beginner, find someone who is the same height and weight as you, and make sure you feel a strong sense of connection with him or her. Let’s explore each of the poses one by one:

Plank and Bird: In Acro Yoga, as mentioned earlier, two people are involved. One person acts as a base and the other as a flyer. The base has to lie down on the back and maintain a neutral pelvis. The other person comes and stands close to the hips of the person on the mat facing them. The base raises his legs and places the feet on the arc of the front hipbone of the flyer. The flyer now holds the palms of the base by leaning forward. After few adjustments, the base lifts the flyer upwards on their feet.

The hips of both flyer and the base should be aligned properly to avoid any injury. The shoulders of both base and flyer should also be aligned. Knees and elbows of both flyer and base should not be bent. While breathing at a constant pace, enjoy the position. Now, once both flyer and the base are comfortable, they can leave the hands. The base can now move the feet to the sides in both the directions slowly to give a feeling of flying to the flyer. The base holds hands of the flyer and bends knees to return to the resting position.

Folded Leaf: The posture is similar to the earlier exercise, Plank and bird and it gives a good stretch to the spine of the flyer. The base places the feet in the same position as “Plank and Bird.” They hold each other hands and base lifts their feet and places it on the flyers hipbone. The base pulls the flyer on his knees, and the flyer bends his back into the legs of the base by keeping his legs wide apart and the toes pointing downwards. The base can twist the flyer to one side to give his further back stretch. Base lifts the flyer up now and returns to the normal position by bending legs.

Super Yogi: This pose starts by obtaining the “Folded Leaf” position. The base places the hands in the flyers hand and gently moves the hands of the flyer towards his head. The flyer folds both the hands with the index finger pivoting outwards. The base now bends his knees to provide a massage to the flyers’ spine. The base can now move the flyer sideways to give the flyer a side stretch. Dismount in the same way as the previous pose.
Reverse Namaskar: Start this pose in the “Folded Leaf” position. From this position move to the “Super Yogi” position. Hold the elbows of the flyer and bend his arms. Press the arms of the flyer closer depending upon his/her flexibility while the flyer moves his arms upwards. The base bends each leg simultaneously to give the required stretch to the flyer. Bring the flyer down in the same way as the previous pose.

Lifted Badhakonasan: Start again with the folded leaf position. The base places the shoulders with the hands pointing towards the back of the flyer. The base now starts to lift the flyer upwards, and the flyer folds his legs and arms. The flyer has to bring his feet close to the hips for further stretch. The base can bend legs simultaneously to move the flyer from one side to another. Come back to the folded leaf position and dismount in the same way as before.

Regardless of whether you’re a current professional or new to Acroyoga, these yogasanas were particularly intended to make you a solid, balanced accomplice. In this arrangement, we concentrate on developments that will strengthen your shoulders and core while also improving your balance, body alignment and control through plank and crunch variations, headstand progressions, stability builders and more.

Now that you know the basic poses of Acro Yoga, without wasting another minute, get on the mat with your partner and start practising. Mastering the poses is not an easy task. But once you do it, you’ll never want to go back.

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