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                                        CORONA – CITY IN CALIFORNIA.

What comes in your mind when you hear of the term Corona? At this period, of course it is the pandemic that is all round the globe. That is Coronavirus, well; did you know that there is a place called Corona? Now you do. Corona is a city located in California and it is neighbored by Los Angeles on the South East. Corona city is located in the United States of America, California State and in Riverside County. Most people refer to it as Crown City, Crown Colony and others, Queen Colony. This is because the word ‘Corona’ is derived from a Spanish word meaning a ‘crown.’

The virus, which is Coronavirus, was named so be because it has crown-like spikes on their surface. It is everywhere in the world and WHO declared it as a pandemic on 11th March, 2020. The first case was discovered in Wuhan, China late 2019, thus with the name COVID-19. The Virus then spread from China to the world, and to millions of people. Coronavirus is spread easily because it is spread when you get in any contact with a person with the Virus. Its symptoms are flu, difficulty in breathing, sore throat, headache and new symptoms are still showing up.

It’s been like seven months now since Coronavirus was first discovered; many people have been affected by the virus. Its symptoms show after 14 days and people who get in contact with the infected persons are forced to quarantine themselves. This is to avoid contracting the virus to other people; sick persons are also isolated in the hospitals. Doctors’ in charge have to wear personal protective gear before attending to the patients. To avoid getting the virus, you have to regularly wash your hands with soap and running water or use sanitizers to kill the virus.

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Wearing of face masks, social distancing, covering your mouth when you sneeze with a disposable tissue or an elbow among many others, are some of the ways of preventing the spread of coronavirus. New cases are being reported every day, and people are dying all over, especially the elderly or people with chronic diseases. Their survival chances after contacting the virus are very low because their immunity level is usually down. There has been lockdown of countries to help prevent the spread of the virus. Over a million of people have lost their jobs and the economy has really gone down.

Back to Corona City, it has a nice view and it is a cheap place to live in. It is situated close to the Ocean and the mountain. Many people visit Corona City for its recreational activities, parks and leisure places. Included are Tom’s Farm, Aerosports Trampoline Park and TAPs Fish house among others. After the Coronavirus Pandemic is over, many will be visiting Corona City, maybe as a way of gratitude for surviving the pandemic. In conclusion, Corona is not only a virus but also a city that you can and should visit.

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