Diabetes and Eye Health

Originally posted on August 22, 2020 @ 12:40 pm It’s important for everyone to take good care of their eyes, but if you have diabetes, good eye care is essential. This is because diabetes increases the risk of eye conditions and is actually the leading cause of blindness in adults aged under 75 years old. … Read more

Dentistry on a Budget

Originally posted on August 17, 2020 @ 8:17 am   American Dental Care Starting in this year, the majority of Americans will have some form of healthcare. While the new federal healthcare plan covers a number of healthcare costs including visions and dental coverage for children, the plan does not include dental coverage for adults. It … Read more

The Truth About Pain Thresholds

Originally posted on August 13, 2020 @ 8:39 am The Truth About Pain Thresholds   Pain. We all suffer pain at one stage or other – and I’m not talking about the emotional kind… well not for the moment at least… No, whether it’s that demon dentist who attempted an extraction without sufficient anesthetic (“Oh, … Read more

This 5 Everyday Tips For Back Pain Relief

Originally posted on August 1, 2020 @ 2:55 pm 5 Everyday Tips For Back Pain Relief Having back pain is a plague for individuals who experience it on a daily basis. Unfortunately, almost everyone can develop and experience this condition. It is worth noting that, as you age, the risk of having back pain increases. … Read more

Chronic Prostatitis and Pelvic Pain Treatment by Acupuncture

Originally posted on July 13, 2020 @ 2:24 pm Acupuncture for chronic Prostatitis and Pelvic Pain Can Help Fight Prostate Pain so does acupuncture work   Acupuncture is a traditional treatment procedure that finds its origin decades deep into the history. Apart from many health benefits that this treatment process can have on you, it has been observed … Read more