Bidet – Leave This Taboo in the Past


Bidet – Leave This Taboo in the Past


Invented in the 1700s in the beautiful country of France, bidets have been unjustly neglected for quite a long time after their beginnings. The biggest reason for people’s disregard of these extremely useful bathroom facilities lies in their association with sex work. Americans came into contact with bidets during the World Wars, when those who were garrisoned in Europe started noticing them everywhere – most commonly in the bathrooms of the brothels they used to visit. This fact colored their perception of bidets, and so Americans started regarding them as impure and connected to promiscuity, STDs, and similar, but equally unpleasant things.

Fortunately, these types of prejudice and misconceptions are losing their strength, and now you can see bidets even in American homes. Still, for people who are not accustomed to them, they may seem a bit odd. In truth, there is nothing complicated about them – although the procedure does require some getting used to. The idea has stayed the same throughout the centuries – you straddle the thing, and you wash your private parts after you’ve been to the loo. Modern times gave us the blessing of running water in every bathroom, so it’s even easier than it used to be. In fact, it’s as easy as washing yourself in the shower.

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It’s extremely beneficial for your health, and it simply makes you feel better and cleaner than wiping with dry toilet paper. There are many more benefits to using bidets, and here are some of the most important ones.

 Cleanliness is next to godliness

1. When you go, you should go green

Bidets are obviously the more eco-friendly option when you compare it to toilet paper. For one thing, the pollution in the water and land can be reduced significantly by avoiding littering the pipes with paper waste. Sure, paper is fairly easily degradable, but toilet paper comes in plastic wrapping, which is another thing worthy of consideration if you care at all about the environment. Furthermore, the reduced need for paper leads to a reduced production of it, which means that fewer trees will get cut down in the future if we manage to re-introduce the bidet into everyday use. Therefore, a bidet can prove to be an important tool in preserving the environment.

2. Money makes the world go round

If you are not particularly concerned about the Earth because you have more pressing matters to attend to, look at the situation from this perspective: bidets save you money. They do so in three ways. Firstly, when you cut down on toilet paper, you naturally have to spend less money on it. Secondly, bidets can save quite a bit of water as well. Firstly, you won’t have to do repeated flushing that is sometimes necessary – sometimes the paper simply won’t go until you’ve flushed two or three times in a row. Since bidets save paper, they also save the flushing of huge amounts of water for what is essentially a highly expensive rubbish bin. Finally, less paper means less clogging in the pipes, which means that you’ll spend far less money on the maintenance of your plumbing systems. The initial investment is more than worth it, and the purchase doesn’t require any effort on your part – you can find your smart toilet online, so you don’t even have to leave your home – and, as you know, time is money!

3. Clean body, dirty mind

One of the best things about bidets is actually the one that gave them a bad name – the convenience with which you can clean yourself after intercourse. If you like morning action, the use of bidet can be a great substitute for showering. This can be an important benefit if you often find yourself late for work. Also, if you and your partner are a particularly active couple, it may have crossed your mind that multiple showers during the day become a chore after a while, and with a bidet, you may find your life a bit easier.

4. When things turn into a bloody mess

When you’re on your period, you may feel a bit gross. It’s nothing unusual, and it doesn’t mean that you’re ashamed of your body and its natural functions – period is simply a bit gross in itself. You feel sticky and smelly and, quite frankly, you’d rather not go through it if you could help it. Well, taking care of your personal hygiene properly can really improve your mood during those days. Bidets allow you a really easy way to freshen up regularly, without taking several showers in one day. You’ll feel cleaner when you reduce the gross factor. In addition, some women even claim that it helps reduce the cramps that go with the period!

5. How to clean up when you’re expecting

It’s not easy being pregnant, but you were prepared for that. What you weren’t prepared for are the hemorrhoids that appear out of nowhere. Well, a bidet can really make your life easier with this. The gentle stream of water is a better, more comfortable way of cleaning yourself than rubbing a dry piece of toilet paper over your already painful anus. It can reduce the symptoms drastically, so it’s definitely worth it. Another unforeseen pregnancy trouble is the fact that your belly can really get it the way sometimes. It messes with your balance and makes reaching for things much more difficult than you’d think. Bidets are useful in that regard as well because the only thing you need to do is straddle it and let the water run.

6. Cleanliness is next to godliness

We all know how important is to stay clean, but for some reason, we believe that the hygiene of our private parts can be sufficient if we simply use paper and shower once a day. Proper hygiene can reduce or completely eliminate the risk of infections. Instead of just smearing the stuff around with toilet paper, you can really clean the endangered areas if you make good use of your bidet. Another point to consider is the fact that toilet paper is, in essence, chopped wood. That means that every time you use it, you’re making a huge number of minuscule cuts on your skin, which can lead to sensitivity and dry skin. A bidet can prevent all those issues and really save you some headache in the long run.


Bidets provide many benefits for their users. Even though they may seem a bit weird in the beginning, they are so useful and convenient that once you go bidet, you’ll never go back!


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