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Which foods are good for my teeth?
We all know that there are certain things we must avoid in order to keep our teeth and gums healthy, sugary snacks, caffeine, soda, and more besides. But do we have any idea which foods are the ones we should be eating to keep those pearly whites in peak condition?
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Anything that’s high in calcium is always a safe bet, but there are other elements that are just as important to your dental health.Here are some of the best foods to eat to strengthen teeth recommend for keeping your teeth and gums healthy.
 Best Foods to EatMeat
Surprising as it might seem, meat is actually extremely good for your teeth. One would think that all those strands of beef or pork that get lodged between your teeth would be a bad thing and of course they are, but meat is a very good source of protein.
The phosphorous present in protein helps to strengthen our teeth against decay and can even help firm up your jaw bone. Meat is also encourages chewing which in turn produces saliva that can help to eliminate bacteria in your mouth.
Fish that contain edible bones such as sardines are an excellent source of Vitamin D which is essential in helping your body process calcium in an efficient manner.
Without Vitamin D any calcium we ingest goes to waste and the body must then look to alternative sources such as the teeth and bones. Brittle bones and teeth are a distinct possibility if your calcium intake is low.
Not a food that we would commonly associate with maintaining healthy teeth but a great one nonetheless. Bananas are a fantastic provider of magnesium which is particularly useful in the development of tooth enamel. The benefits of bananas are two fold when we consider that they are also the best fruit for lifting your spirits if you’re feeling down.
Shiitake Mushrooms
Shiitake mushrooms contain similar elements to onions which can fight the bacteria that are always present in your mouth. They also have the added bonus of being one of the best foods for preventing the build up of plaque which is one of the major causes of tooth decay. Fortunately they can be eaten cooked unlike onions which should be eaten raw in order to get the most of their dental health benefits.
A calcium rich food that is very good for your teeth. Cheese is one of the best sources of calcium you will find but this is not the only advantage it holds. Cheese contains alkali which can neutralize any acid that is left in your mouth after a meal. Soft drinks, cakes, and cookies are typical acidic foods and eating a piece of cheese after your dessert is a great way to fight acid erosion.
Sweet Potatoes
It’s a little known fact that sweet potatoes are one of the top foods to contain Vitamin C which is one of the most important elements for maintaining healthy gums and obviously we can’t have healthy teeth without healthy gums. It is commonly thought that oranges and other citrus fruits are great for your teeth due to their high Vitamin C content but unfortunately the citric acid present in these fruits can lead to tooth decay.
We grew up drinking milk knowing that it was good for our teeth as it is such a good source of calcium but it’s actually milk with high Vitamin D content that helps our teeth so much. As we mentioned earlier Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium and the fact that both elements are in found in milk makes it our top food that is good for your teeth.
So next time you’re shopping and choosing what food to leave on the shelves, perhaps you should bear in mind that the food we eat rather than the food we avoid is the most important factor when it comes to keeping your teeth and gums in good health.
Ciaran works for Chelsea Dental Clinic and is very passionate about food and keeping his pearly whites in top condition.

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