Best Diet For Your Skin

Best Diet for your Skin

Diet Food

Beauty advertisements and TV commercials make customers think that by simply applying a miraculous cream, all their skin problems will disappear in a flash of second. While applying miracle potions, serums and gels may help, the food you eat on a daily basis feeds your body with all the essential nutrients that contribute to overall health and beauty. We have researched about best diet for your skin. We have come up with it, in the following article


Diets rich in healthy nutrients and adequate calories have plenty of health benefits. A balanced meal boosts energy levels, improves immunity, elevates concentration and makes your skin toner, firmer and fresher. It adds a radiant glow to your skin and helps you get rid of those extra pockets of fat. Thus, dieting for fresh skin and glowing complexion is an effective way to look beautiful and more confident.

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Nutrients Required For A Healthy Skin:

Apart from carbohydrates, proteins, fats and fibers in adequate proportions, there are other nutrients that keep your skin in a healthy condition. Vitamins, zinc, copper and iron are essential for soft, supple and even skin tone.
. Vitamins: Vitamin A is especially beneficial for skin and mucous membrane since it keeps them healthy. It’s required for reproduction of skin cells and quick healing of wounds.

. Copper: Copper is an important micro nutrient that protects nerve fibers, stimulates the production of red blood cells and facilitates the formation of collagen (that grants firmness and flexibility to your skin). Copper regulates skin pigmentation by releasing melanin (a compound which is responsible for skin tone).

. Iron: Iron is essential for proper circulation of blood and oxygen. Deficiency of iron in cells can lead to pale skin complexion, fatigue and anemia.

. Zinc: Deficiency of zinc can cause delayed wound healing. Zinc helps you exercise control on acne, topic dermatitis, fungal infections and psoriasis.
You must include these nutrients in your daily diet.
How to maintain Diet For Skin:

It’s essential that you include at least 2 cups of fresh fruits and 2 and cups of green leafy vegetables in your daily diet. Fruits like berries and oranges have natural antioxidants, melons have high water content whereas spinach, broccoli and kale have antitoxins. They keep your skin cells plump, hydrated, firm and fresh. They’re good for flushing toxins out of your body.
You may find it a bit challenging to consume plenty of fruits and veggies every single day so you can prepare juices, smoothies and soups to satisfy your palate.
.Eat healthy nuts like almonds and walnuts. They’re rich in Vitamin E and omega 3 fatty acids that moisturise your skin and make it silky smooth. What’s more? They’re good for shiny hair.
.Include sodium-rich seaweed, salmon and fatty fishes in your diet. Seafood is packed with omega-3 fatty acids and astaxanthin (which is responsible for skin elasticity). They’re beneficial for cardiovascular system.
. Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins. You may have green tea and milk because they’re good for skin. Avoid alcohol, coffee and black tea since they cause excess urination.
List Of Foods That Are Good For Skin:

Avocados, cashews, pistachios, macadamia nuts, peanuts, bananas, dry fruits, beef, organ meats, cereals, bran flakes, black pepper, cocoa, clams, black strap molasses, red meat, crabs, squid, oysters, shellfish, filberts, lobster, prawns, shrimps, lentils, dried legumes, oats, mussels, navy beans, mushrooms, raisin bran, soybean, black chocolate, tomato, sweet potato, whole wheat bread, sprouts, dried beans, peas, seeds, poultry, cod liver oil, cottage cheese, whole milk, yogurt, yellow and orange vegetables, pumpkins, squash, peach, apricot, cantaloupe, mango, beans, sunflower seeds, tofu, tannin and Swiss cheese.
Since healthy skin and good nutrition go hand-in-hand therefore, you must consume a balanced meal to facilitate quick healing and regeneration of your skin.

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