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Benefits of Vegan Diet

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Being a vegan brings along several health and beauty benefits. Vegans have low chances of heart diseases, or high blood pressure, diabetes and various other life threatening issues in relation to obesity and excess fat. It has been found that vegetarians are more toned and slimmer than meat eaters. It is a myth that weight loss is only dependent on exercises, but the fact is that weight loss mostly depends upon the food and diet of a person. Eating habits also contribute a lot to weight loss.

According to various studies it has been shown that being a vegan is the best and effective option for weight loss. It was also noticed that weight of the vegan males and females was much lower in percentage as compared to the ones having meat.

 Benefits of Vegan DietAfter having a clinical trial of vegetarian diet compared with the non-vegetarian one, it was observed that a vegan diet isolates the meat eaters, but with the help of regular exercise. A vegan diet helps to shed about 1-2 pounds a week without exercise. Provided there is a limit on the calories intake and carbohydrates, followed with small size meals for about 5 times a day.

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Apart from weight loss vegetarian diet is even good for heart. It prevents heart diseases and improvises blood circulation. A vegetarian diet reduces heart risks and vegans have less chances of being detected with heart health issues.

Now days Rates at which people become obese are skyrocketing and different causes of weight gain are still mysteries. Whereas with vegan the condition is totally opposite. According to the studies and research only 6% of vegan are prone or can be affected by Heart issues. But it happens in rare case, where a major role is played by certain other conditions like very high cholesterol levels.

Now, if we talk about digestion, then also vegetarian diet overcomes the non-vegans. This is so because all the fruits and veggies are highly rich in fiber, vitamins and proteins essential for the body. Individuals having such fiber rich food have a far better health than the others. Vegans enjoy high fiber foods which include various fruits and veggies, along with whole grains. This helps them to have a healthy mind and body, and even reduces food cravings.

Plant based food are the best fuel for the body, as they increase the level of calorie burning, after meals. Even the insulin sensitivity in vegan is high. Because of these diabetic patients are advised to have more of veggies, and try avoiding meat, even the lean ones. These veggies allow to make a path for the nutrients to enter the cells of the body. Thus reducing the fat levels by providing sufficient heat.

This might amaze you and be interesting for all the women out there; Vegan have a very slow aging process as compared to the meat eaters. Raw fruits and vegetable have proved to be beneficial in drastically slowing the process of aging. Also dry fruits and nuts included in the vegan diet helps in combating free radicals that allow aging.

In the research it was found that every year the percentage of meat eaters switching to a plant-based diet increases. Moreover studies on Swedish women show that meat eaters have more chances of being obese and overweight in comparison to the vegans.

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Evan Jensen is an American writer with an MA in Journalism. He specializes in writing about diet, weight loss, nutrition, exercise, and preventive care. He’s also a long-distance runner who has finished 30-plus marathons and a 100-mile mountain endurance race.

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