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We are all entitled to a balanced and healthy diet. Diet refers to the food that we take according to specific food charts. It can either be controlled in order to add or lose weight. A healthy diet is composed of all kinds of foods into small portions. Consuming a healthy diet protects one from diseases like diabetes, marasmus, kwashiorkor, heart disease, and other lifestyle diseases. 


Reasons for a balanced diet:

More to defining the word diet as the foods we take, you will hear some people talk of being on a diet. While, when you say that you are on a diet, we take the word diet as a verb. There are many reasons why people get on a diet, some are to keep fit, others are medical conditions. Nevertheless, all the reasons are for a healthier lifestyle.

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There are different types of diets; the vegan diet which is for vegetarians and aims at eliminating all animal products. The Paleo diet tries to eliminate the intake of sugars and incorporates fruit intake. There is also the raw food diet which aims at eliminating processed and pasteurized foods. Those are not the only types of diets; there is a variety of them.

Food should contain in a healthy diet:

A healthy diet should contain the following foods; cereals like maize, rice, and wheat. For animal products like milk, meat, pork, eggs, fish, and mutton, it is good to note that white meat is more preferred. Legumes like lentils and beans, and fresh vegetables like kales, spinach, and broccoli. Salt and sugar can cause the risk of heart disease and obesity. Therefore, their intake should be limited.


Additionally, we should take ground spices instead of processed spices. All these foods are to enable you to consume a healthy balanced diet. We should also take plenty of vegetables and fruits because they provide our bodies with vitamins, minerals, fibers, and plant proteins.

The Ending Line:

In conclusion, diet plays a big role in our bodies; it protects us against chronic diseases, nutrition diseases, and also lifestyle diseases. We should add water to our regular healthy diet. Moreover, studies show that our bodies are made up of 70% water. It simply means that water is very important in our bodies; we should use it to replace other sugary drinks like soda.

People who are on a mission with their bodies or weight loss, need to choose one diet that they’ll follow for like a month. Getting on a diet is helpful and leads to a healthy lifestyle. Without eating a balanced diet, our bodies become prone to diseases and we perform poorly in our activities because we always feel fatigued. A good and balanced diet ensures good health in all conditions. Children who consume a poor diet are prone to poor academic performance and they are usually not lively. We all need to consume a balanced and functional diet for a healthy life.

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