9 Oral care tips for healthy teeth and mouth


Everyone indulges in oral care activities to get a disease-free, healthy mouth and perfect smile. In spite of effectively cleaning the mouth, the lifestyle changes and daily routine would make the dental care actions remain diatonic. Likewise, certain people follow amiss in brushing and flossing without their knowledge. Such wrongful deeds in dental hygiene actions also lead to serious hazards like the ones occur due to oral diseases.

The motive to this article is to educate people regarding such misconceptions in their dental health care.

1) Don’t brush immediately after meals

Brushing after every meal is a great way to get rid of bacteria inheritance in the mouth. The food debris, acidic and sugar substances stick to the teeth will breed the oral bacteria. Brushing the teeth after consuming foods will evacuate such disease-causing agents from the mouth. In contrast, teeth brushing soon after eating is not a fair option.

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It is because the acidic compounds in the food items disrupt the pH balance in the mouth a little longer. Besides this, they stick to the teeth enamel and makes the hard covering softer for a few minutes. If you brush the teeth at that time, it may wreck the enamel and make the teeth prone to various oral diseases.

Dentists recommend brushing the teeth at least 30 minutes after eating is the right thing.

2) Don’t drink beverages with a long duration

Tea, Coffee, energy drinks are required for everyone to keep themselves energetic at regular intervals. Some people keep them busy with their work while having a drink. It extends the time and sips needed to drink a cup of tea or coffee.

Such prolonged consumption of tea will make the sugar in the drink settled over the teeth surfaces. This will weaken the enamel and lead to tooth decay. The same will happen with consuming fruit juices for a while.

3) Brushing the teeth while showering

Brushing in front of a mirror is highly recommended because brushing should be done in an observant and vigilant manner. The brushing action barely requires 2 minutes only. If a person deviates focus on other actions while brushing the teeth, then he/she cannot clean the teeth efficiently.

Oral Hygienists suggest to avoid multitasking while cleaning the teeth especially while showering.

4) Visit your Dentist during pregnancy

Women are highly vulnerable to gingivitis when they are conceived. Gum bleeding is also normal in the trimester period but it should not be ignored. Even though it occurs because of hormonal changes, it is powerful to cause cavities and Periodontal (Gum) diseases.

Untreated tooth decay during pregnancy will lead the bacteria to penetrate the gum tissues and then transmitted to the bloodstream. It will infect the fetus inside the womb and may end in delivering low weight baby. Gynecologists reveal that low weight infants born in premature deliveries that occurred due to infections will have serious diseases when they grow up.

5) Cold in childhood causes crooked teeth

Cold is a common disease that affects people of all ages. Typically, a child suffers from the cold once or twice a year. On the other hand, if the infectious disease persists for a while or occurring frequently, it may be a health issue that indicates a problem in the throat, sinus or others in the respiratory tract.

In such conditions, a kid feels difficult to breathe with the nose and begins to breathe with mouth. The habit of mouth breathing in the long run will modify the teeth alignment and cause crooked teeth. Likewise, changes in the facial skeleton and abnormal positioning of the jaw are also possible.

6) Don’t forget to care for the Gums

Infections in the gums are linked to numerous oral diseases. Improper care on gums will lead to gum diseases like Gingivitis. Beginning from infecting the gum tissues, it will weaken the gums and disrupt the blood flow that supplies nutrients for the teeth and it eventually leads to tooth loss.

Gum cleaning should be included along with brushing, flossing and tongue cleaning. Simply massage the gums with a finger. It will regulate the blood flow inside the gums. Otherwise, equipment like gum massager brush is also available to clean the gums.

7) Don’t neglect the missing teeth

Missing teeth is really a painful thing. Apart from affecting the facial aesthetics, the missing tooth will push the adjacent teeth also to come out from the mouth. Besides this, missing tooth is also a reason for memory loss. It is observed after various deep researches and tests.

The number of natural teeth is directly linked with the function of episodic memory that is responsible for recall and recognition. The jaw and teeth movement create sensory impulses which are sent as inputs to the brain for remembrance and bring back the memories. Lost or missing teeth will have a negative impact on creating sensory impulses. This lacks memory and affects the ability to remember.

Fixing missing teeth with dental implants, dentures or other prosthetic appliance can recover the sensory input to a certain extent.

8) Avoid over consumption of cereals

Cereals are power packed food substance containing nutrients, antioxidants, calcium and other minerals required for a healthy tooth. Dentists reveal that over consumption of cereals or other tooth-friendly, healthy foods also cause toothache.

For instance, Phytohemagglutinin is the substance present in beans. It is actually a protein that strengthens the teeth. In contrast, too much of beans or chewing beans with a decayed tooth will cause granuloma that inflames the tissues around the infected tooth.

9) Chewing with one side of the mouth

Chewing strengthens the muscles and jaw bone present underneath the teeth. It provides a way for proper facial development. Similarly, it has self-cleaning properties. This means teeth in the side where one chew can be cleaned with saliva. In contrast, the mouth’s other side which is not used for chewing does not cleanse and make the teeth in that side prone to decay.

Likewise, the muscles in the not chewing region do not strengthen or develop properly. This leads to an asymmetric facial skeleton. Then jaw problems like Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ) will arise.


The modern lifestyle and busy schedule have introduced new habits and new foodstuffs to us. Most people do not aware of the adverse effects on their oral and overall health with such fashioned things. The chemical compounds added in the fast foods and the practice of chewing ice cubes to cool are also powerful to weaken the enamel. Piercings in the oral regions also influence oral health in a negative manner.

Getting regular dental checkups is the right way to avert those conflicts and protect our oral health.

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