8 Ideas for Easy Sauces When You’re Short on Time


Sauces: They have so many uses, but they also take a lot of work for such a small addition to the meal table. Sometimes it may be tempting to forego sauces or replace them with easy, prepackaged brand names. However, with the right recipes you can start customizing your own delicious sauces in record time. Try out these sauce ideas to add your own flavors to dishes without spending any extra time stirring in the kitchen.

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Ideas for Easy Sauces

1. White Wine Sauces: White wine sauces are multi-purpose, letting you create a number of dishes from chicken to fish or pork. It may sound complex, but don’t let the name deceive you: This sauce is actually very easy to pull together. Use dry white wine, common with chicken broth, a little butter, and some onions. Sauté the onions first before you add the other ingredients, and garnish with appropriate herbs, such as chives.

2. A Little Mayonnaise Goes a Long Way: Mayonnaise can create a great sauce or dressing, based on how you want to use it. For a great dipping sauce or dressing, mix it with an acidic liquid like lemon juice, add in some ginger and curry powder, and mix well. It may be a good idea to put in some sour cream, too – this creates a better texture and a lighter sauce. Salt, olive oil, garlic, horseradish and mustard also all play nice with mayonnaise, giving you plenty of options to pick from.

3. Crushed Tomato Sauce: If you want to create your own tomato sauce, then don’t worry about it taking forever – you can be done before the spaghetti finishes cooking. Buy a can of crushed tomatoes or press your own fresh tomatoes if you can. Add salt, pepper flecks, lemon zest and olive oil. Heat and mix well.

4. Flavored or Infused Olive Oils: Olive oils come in a variety of different flavors these days thanks to the infused ingredients stored in the oil bottles. Peppers, herbs of all kinds and even fruits can be used to change the flavor of the olive oil into all different sorts of bouquets. If you are especially rushed on time, invest in one of the more useful infused bottles (basil, rosemary, garlic, etc.) and simply top your dishes with a dribble of this surprisingly tasteful oil. Otherwise, mix it with a little mayonnaise or use it in your extra-fast tomato sauce.

5. Simple Soy Sauces: Soy sauces are very easy to make and excellent for use in most Asian dishes. Start with simple soy sauce, add in fresh or powdered ginger, and experiment with a variety of other flavorings, from hot chili sauce to orange jelly. Heat it in the microwave until hot and stir to combine the ingredients correctly. For a lighter sauce, add in chicken broth. For a heavy sauce, consider using a little bit of peanut butter and a thickener.

6. Balsamic Concoctions: Much like infused olive oils, balsamic vinegar has grown into a long line of potential products all made with their own ingredients. Use a blackberry or chocolate version to dribble over ice cream. Use a more traditional version in salads or chicken dishes.

7. Instant Pesto: Okay, it may not be instant, but this pesto is sure easy to make. Combine olive oil, crushed pine nuts, fresh parsley, a little basil, and a soft cheese like a Parmesan mix that crumbles easily. Mix together well and refrigerate – you don’t even have to cook this one at all.

8. Sweet Mustard: A mustard sauce is easy to make if you have a sweetener like syrup or honey, herbs like rosemary, and a base like wine or chicken broth to hold it all together. This sauce is suitable for pork dishes, chicken, and many dippable bite-sized delicacies

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